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Posted on: Wednesday, 7 July 2010, 1:39pm
Comment by: TJCraftyWitch

Happy Birthday to you! Enjoy your day.

Posted on: Tuesday, 29 December 2009, 4:05pm
Comment by: Rosjen

I wish you and your family Happy New Year and a fantastic scrapping-year!! Love, Jannike

Posted on: Friday, 4 December 2009, 11:59am
Comment by: duckijo

Hey honey! Miss you so much.... love you!

Posted on: Tuesday, 7 July 2009, 12:12pm
Comment by: Tara D.

Hope you have a happy birthday, Sherri!

Posted on: Sunday, 10 May 2009, 7:58am
Comment by: cma2a17

Happy Mother's Day!

Posted on: Friday, 6 March 2009, 8:55pm
Comment by: AZGIRL

Thanks Again for the beautiful jar and goodies for the Jar of Love swap. My extra paper flowers will now have a home. Have a good weekend!

Posted on: Sunday, 1 February 2009, 8:58pm
Comment by: terrihooper

I am so glad you like my letters! I was worried about them!

Posted on: Wednesday, 24 December 2008, 7:59am
Comment by: Gr8babegurl

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Posted on: Tuesday, 23 December 2008, 6:56pm
Comment by: northernmemories

HI I shop at bakers wife quite a bit when I visit my mil who lives in Minocqua. She is there quite a bit too lol. Fun to know there is someone else in our area on sb.com

Posted on: Tuesday, 23 December 2008, 6:11am
Comment by: Turtlelady

Merry Christmas. Hope the holiday is bright!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 25 November 2008, 9:48pm
Comment by: DKravec

I just realized after really looking at your profile that you can make the circle around the star just bounce back and forth without ever going competely around. So cool. I'm finding myself just staring at it.

Posted on: Sunday, 21 September 2008, 6:42pm
Comment by: IamSamScrapper

Thanks for the comments in my blog. I enjoyed reading them.

Posted on: Wednesday, 27 August 2008, 8:54pm
Comment by: Shanas Secret Pal

BOO!Will you pleeeeeze put more stuff on your wishlit so i can shop for you and get lots of goodies..........Maybe even some Spongebob stuff if you hurry................Have a spooky evening!!!!

Posted on: Saturday, 2 August 2008, 6:40am
Comment by: Rosjen

Hi, birthdayfriend, don´t forget to put SWEDEN on my envie! Hugs Jannike :-)

Posted on: Thursday, 5 June 2008, 3:06pm
Comment by: Heckofarush

I LOVE the new avatar!!!

Posted on: Friday, 29 February 2008, 10:18am
Comment by: Bartemous Black

Hey fellow Wisconsinite,

I am sooooo ready for spring! Thanks for visiting my gallery. You asked about my 3D stacker. I've done this with a couple of different stamps. The one on my gallery is from Holly Berry House. Basically you need a stamp that is symmetrical and you make several images on coordinating colored paper. I've done it with using just two colors and I've used it using up to 6 colors. I think I need to try using just black and white, that would look cool. Then you just take a scissors and start cutting out the image each time going one line deeper into the pattern. So the first is cut out on the outside of the image, the second takes the first line into the image and the third takes out to the third line inside the image. Then you take all your cutouts and stack them using pop-up foam squares or your favorite dimensional adhesive. I just saw somewhere someone doing this same thing using vellum. It looked really nice I'll need to try it.

Posted on: Wednesday, 2 January 2008, 8:14am
Comment by: DivaDana

Hope you are having a great day!

Posted on: Wednesday, 17 October 2007, 9:33am
Comment by: sassy101

sure you can move to his world!!!!

Posted on: Friday, 14 September 2007, 12:06pm
Comment by: sassy101

Have a great weekend!!!

Posted on: Monday, 10 September 2007, 8:25pm
Comment by: mghairgirl

Hello! Just wondering if you still want to be part of the Ayers Rock group? We haven't heard from you in a while and are missing you!

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