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Posted on: Sunday, 2 December 2007, 1:21pm
Comment by: babydoll1

Love the new stuff!!!

Posted on: Friday, 30 November 2007, 11:28am
Comment by: MSD

I am hosting a challenge you might be interested in: scrapbooking your favorite scripture verse.

Posted on: Tuesday, 26 June 2007, 8:31am
Comment by: Kim77

Happy Tuesday!~~Just A'Scrappin' Author: Joyce Mitchell

How time does fly when having fun, And so very little housework done. My mind is busy as can be Cause I'm just a'scrappin', don't you see?

Thinking of layouts all day long Paper everywhere; supplies seem gone Can't find anything, woe is me... I'm just a'scrappin', don't you see?

Dishes piled high but can't quit now Got a brainstorm and a wrinkled brow But I'm content as I can be Cause I'm just a'scrappin', don't you see?

Posted on: Wednesday, 13 June 2007, 10:17am
Comment by: Kim77

Happy MidWeek!! Here is a little quote~~All the world is a scrapbook... and I know the layout!

Posted on: Wednesday, 25 April 2007, 8:49am
Comment by: Kim77

Keep some souvenirs of your past, or how will you ever prove it wasn't all a dream? ~Ashleigh Brilliant Happy Hump Day!

Posted on: Monday, 16 April 2007, 6:50am
Comment by: Kim77

"From birth to 18 a girl needs good parents; from 18 to 35, she needs good looks. From 35 to 55, good personality. From 55 on, she needs good cash. I'm saving my money. "~~Happy Monday!!

Posted on: Friday, 6 April 2007, 6:27am
Comment by: Kim77

Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life. ~S.D. Gordon

Posted on: Wednesday, 14 February 2007, 10:17am
Comment by: Alexine

Have a good Valentine Day

Posted on: Sunday, 28 January 2007, 3:20pm
Comment by: babydoll1

Have a great week!!

Posted on: Friday, 19 January 2007, 2:16pm
Comment by: Kim77

Scrappy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!

Posted on: Thursday, 21 December 2006, 1:35pm
Comment by: Scrappikat

Scrappy Holidays from Deep In The Heart of Texas!

Posted on: Friday, 8 December 2006, 4:49pm
Comment by: Vivian loves BLING

Welcome to!!!

Add Jill to your friends list!!
Help Jill get 2007 Friends by Jan 1, 2007! Let me know if you join her Friends because there are prizes!!!! Here's the link:
Add me, too. :)

Posted on: Wednesday, 15 November 2006, 11:23pm
Comment by: Scrappikat

Deanna and Kennedy are adorable!

Posted on: Friday, 27 October 2006, 12:28pm
Comment by: Veroncia

Your babies are cutiepies.

Posted on: Thursday, 26 October 2006, 9:44am
Comment by: god2006


Posted on: Tuesday, 10 October 2006, 7:55am
Comment by: babydoll1

Hey friend!! Glad you joined. :)

Posted on: Monday, 9 October 2006, 9:09am
Comment by: Lefa

Welcome to the neighborhood!

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