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Posted on: Wednesday, 7 July 2010, 6:37pm
Comment by: Scrappinista

Hello, I just stopped in because I noticed you live near Austin,tx maybe we could be scrappin buddies and just an F.Y> I I am a beginner at this so maybe you could so me some tricks. See ya around!!!

Posted on: Friday, 31 October 2008, 9:50am
Comment by: sassy101

Happy Halloween!!!

Posted on: Thursday, 3 January 2008, 5:21pm
Comment by: -Robbie-

Hi Amy!! You found me!! Thanks for the compliment!! I haven't finished the ATC's yet! I did get out the paper, though! lol I'll let you know when I get them done! ~Robbie

Posted on: Thursday, 22 November 2007, 8:41am
Comment by: Dena5

Good Morning! Thanks for sending some Thanksgiving wishes, Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in October! You have yourself a GREAT Thanksgiving as well! You can send a turkey dinner my way! I love turkey!

Posted on: Wednesday, 31 October 2007, 3:10pm
Comment by: Dena5

Happy Halloween, have a "Spooktacular" night!

Posted on: Friday, 26 October 2007, 12:57pm
Comment by: sassy101

have a great weekend!!!!!

Posted on: Friday, 28 September 2007, 2:06pm
Comment by: Dena5

Have a most wonderful weekend!

Posted on: Tuesday, 18 September 2007, 9:13am
Comment by: Dena5

I am a HUGE Big Brother addict. Tonights finale night, but I really only want to see the looks on the HG faces when they reveal America's Player!

I really don't care who wins at this point.

Posted on: Friday, 14 September 2007, 12:24pm
Comment by: Dena5

Have a WONDERFULLY awesome weekend!

Posted on: Friday, 14 September 2007, 8:37am
Comment by: Dena5

Happy belated birthday! Sorry I must have really been asleep all day yesterday, but the good thing now....IT'S FRIDAY!!!

FRIDAY Happy Dance!!!

Posted on: Friday, 7 September 2007, 11:52am
Comment by: Dena5

Have an AWESOME weekend!

Posted on: Saturday, 1 September 2007, 10:06am
Comment by: kdkaboom55

Thank you for the lovely comment you left me! Have a super weekend!

Posted on: Wednesday, 25 July 2007, 9:50am
Comment by: Kim77

Hello friends! I have been off for a while but checking in. Summer has been a crazy time as is for most of us :) I hope everybody is doing here is a quote to make u laugh....
Mess with my scrapbook stuff Ill punch your eyelets out!

Posted on: Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 10:06pm
Comment by: Sassynai

Popping in to say hello!

Posted on: Tuesday, 26 June 2007, 8:44am
Comment by: Kim77

Happy Tuesday!~~Just A'Scrappin' Author: Joyce Mitchell

How time does fly when having fun, And so very little housework done. My mind is busy as can be Cause I'm just a'scrappin', don't you see?

Thinking of layouts all day long Paper everywhere; supplies seem gone Can't find anything, woe is me... I'm just a'scrappin', don't you see?

Dishes piled high but can't quit now Got a brainstorm and a wrinkled brow But I'm content as I can be Cause I'm just a'scrappin', don't you see?

Posted on: Saturday, 16 June 2007, 5:50pm
Comment by: luciscraper

Have a fun weekend

Posted on: Wednesday, 13 June 2007, 9:28pm
Comment by: Sassynai

Stopping in to say hello... I have so little time these days I think I am suffering from withdrawals!!

Posted on: Saturday, 9 June 2007, 6:37pm
Comment by: **SarahAnne**

hey what part of texas do u live in?

Posted on: Friday, 1 June 2007, 11:23am
Comment by: sassy101

Happy Friday!!!

Posted on: Saturday, 26 May 2007, 10:57am
Comment by: luciscraper

Have a great weekend

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