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Posted on: Friday, 24 December 2010, 4:24am
Comment by: SuperAllyFan

Have a wonderful Christmas!
Kim xx

Posted on: Monday, 4 October 2010, 6:20am
Comment by: Guylou

LOL!!! Your avi is hilarious!!! Love it!

Posted on: Monday, 19 July 2010, 12:44pm
Comment by: placktorin

Always appreciate when you stop by for a visit. Thanks so much Dale!! Have a great week, Peggy

Posted on: Tuesday, 13 July 2010, 7:50pm
Comment by: DKravec

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving love in my gallery. I thoroughly enjoyed your visit.

Posted on: Monday, 29 March 2010, 7:31am
Comment by: placktorin

Morning Dale, many thanks for the sweet comments on my cards, I truly appreciate your kindness. Enjoy your week and Easter, Peggy

Posted on: Wednesday, 17 March 2010, 4:57pm
Comment by: SuperAllyFan

Just popping by to say Hi Dale! Hope things are well with you :)

Kim xx

Posted on: Tuesday, 9 March 2010, 6:09pm
Comment by: Gods HeartStrings

Hi Dale, Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents, much appreciated. Have a great day. Kind regards, Powhiri

Posted on: Tuesday, 9 February 2010, 6:21pm
Comment by: SQ Mandi

Hi Dale!! Just stopping by to see how you are doing? Hope all is well!! Loving the new stuff in your gallery!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 12 January 2010, 5:55am
Comment by: placktorin

Dale, thanks so much for your lovely comments on my cards, I always truly appreciate them, Peggy

Posted on: Sunday, 3 January 2010, 6:17pm
Comment by: placktorin

Willa, your encouraging remarks on my cards are truly appreciated! Thanks you so much, Peggy

Posted on: Friday, 25 December 2009, 6:53am
Comment by: SQ Mandi

Stopping by to wish you a very merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 22 December 2009, 4:01pm
Comment by: oakhills

Wishing you a joyous Christmas and a happy New Year!

Posted on: Thursday, 12 November 2009, 9:10pm
Comment by: placktorin

THANKS so much for the thoughtful comments on my cards, always appreciate them, Peggy

Posted on: Monday, 19 October 2009, 8:24am
Comment by: SQ Mandi

Just popping in to say hi!! I hope all is well :) Have a great week!!

Posted on: Monday, 6 July 2009, 7:03am
Comment by: flutterbyes

hi dale, just wanted to thank you for stopping in and leaving love in my gallery, I appreciate it!

Posted on: Wednesday, 17 June 2009, 11:53am
Comment by: katie777

Hi Dale! Cute new avatar!!!! Hope you're having a great week!! Katie

Posted on: Monday, 8 June 2009, 4:15am
Comment by: flutterbyes

thanks so much for stopping by and leavin some love on my Fun Memories page, I appreciate it!

Posted on: Sunday, 7 June 2009, 7:20pm
Comment by: Bluffy

Hello Dale, thank you very much for taking time to stop by my gallery and leave lovely comments. I really appreciate it. Have a wonderful evening.

Posted on: Friday, 29 May 2009, 8:02am
Comment by: flutterbyes

thank you so much for the love on my 'gone fishing' page, I appreciate it, have a great weekend!

Posted on: Tuesday, 12 May 2009, 6:02am
Comment by: flutterbyes

thank you so much for taking the time and stopping by my gallery, I appreciate it!

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