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Posted on: Friday, 10 June 2011, 7:01am
Comment by: JazzieLynne

Good to hear...I'm located in SouthWestern, Ontario, and we only get two seasons around here- Extreme Cold or Extreme on the RARE occasion that nice weather does come along, the last place I want to be is I keep telling myself to take my scrapping day. Thanks for the comment and enjoy your summer! Jasmine

Posted on: Sunday, 8 February 2009, 1:38pm
Comment by: ozzyvik

Thanks for visiting my gallery!! I do a lot of multi pic LO's!! I can't seem to get it right with just one pic!! Enjoy your week and Happy Srapping!!

Posted on: Sunday, 25 January 2009, 11:16am
Comment by: caking1961

Thank you for your kind comment on LastPage! I certainly do appreciate it!! Pam

Posted on: Saturday, 25 October 2008, 7:25am
Comment by: chuewanita

Hi Ya Vickie!! I'm so lame, I hardly ever check my public comments area, and their you were leaving me a message!! A great time was had by all, the house was packed and I mean PACKED!! One of the other groups were kinda loud and disrespectful of others but I did manage to get an acrylic album done while I was their. I stayed up until 2:30 and 3:30 both nights to get it done. We had to put our dog to sleep just this past April, and our son wanted an album of his own with pics of her, so that was a must!! The food was great, and we went a day earily, went into Chicago and had dinner and to a SB store it was really nice! I need to get pics taken of the album and get them on here. We have put our deposit down for next year already for the same time of year, so have your pennies saved and you can get in on the fun!! Thanks for thinking of us, and man it's been awhile since we have chatted!!!!! I hope all is well with you, hows the business going?? Your family??? Your Mom??? You???? Fill me in when you can, take care for now and hope to hear from you soon!! Remember Chicago next October!!!! Huggs to you!!, Lisa

Posted on: Friday, 17 October 2008, 1:38pm
Comment by: Valerie H

Thanks for the comments on my new layout! I really appreciate it.

Posted on: Wednesday, 17 September 2008, 6:19pm
Comment by: scrappy grandma

hi first i want to thank you for comment in my gallery, and want to sayi really enjoyed going through yous, really love those torn bears, and am so glad to hear i am not the only one who gets to scrap all day! god bless. scrappy grandma

Posted on: Friday, 5 September 2008, 6:24am
Comment by: Kel3

happy friday

Posted on: Thursday, 21 August 2008, 5:47am
Comment by: Kel3

popping in to say hi

Posted on: Friday, 4 July 2008, 11:48am
Comment by: Amonika

Thanks for the love you left in my gallery on my "too cute to spook" LO. I really appreciate it.

Posted on: Friday, 20 June 2008, 7:03am
Comment by: yarielma

Hi, thank you so much for comment in my gallry! I apreciate a lot!........Have a nice day! ~Yari~

Posted on: Wednesday, 18 June 2008, 6:21am
Comment by: Kel3

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.""
Author: Herm Albright

Posted on: Thursday, 15 May 2008, 7:56pm
Comment by: Skrappy Shutterbug

Hi there! You've been tagged. Up for some fun? Pls check out my blog. thks

Posted on: Wednesday, 14 May 2008, 7:34pm
Comment by: scrappy grandma


Posted on: Wednesday, 14 May 2008, 9:07am
Comment by: SoonerT

Thank you for the nice comment you left on my OU layout. I met my husband in Norman after he was finished with college. We both played softball and met at the ball park. That was around 25 years ago and yes, that puts us there at the same time as you. I love Norman and would move back but, geriatric family members keep us tied here. I bet Lincoln is still there.... Also, I just want you to know that looking through your gallery is so refreshing. I wish I was as prolific with my pages as you are. I am lucky to get 1 a month done. Have a great day!

Posted on: Tuesday, 13 May 2008, 9:20pm
Comment by: Skrappy Shutterbug

Hi there! Thanks so much for the welcome. I've added u to my buddy list. Am anxious to check out ur lo's and talk with u. Catch ya later

Posted on: Tuesday, 13 May 2008, 9:20pm
Comment by: chuewanita

OK Vickie, to be honest I tried once to make those cute bears and they look wonky to me so I filed them away for awhile and will try again, just have no clue to what I'm doing wrong and they can't be that darn hard!! I just went to your blog, and love the one dog that looks like a Jack Russel!! We had to put our pooch Chelsea to sleep last month, (april 1st) really bad joke but she was getting to old to fix and just didn't want her to suffer. Our son had such a hard time and so did we, but now it's not so bad but still miss her terrible!! That tear dog you did kinda looks like her and the others are just a cute, you really rock on those babies!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 13 May 2008, 8:54pm
Comment by: chuewanita

Hey you, how have you been??? I've been on and off here, it seems like I don't have the time I want to so I can chitchat with my friends!! I got a very part time job but now with summer getting closer I just don'[[t know if I can do and have it all ya know!! Hummm, maybe have to cut the dinner fund ouot so the scrap fund can stay!!! haha How has your winter been, we haven't chatted in a loooonnnngggg time!!

Posted on: Thursday, 8 May 2008, 2:21pm
Comment by: Vivian loves BLING

A clean house is the sign of a broken computer.

Posted on: Wednesday, 7 May 2008, 11:38am
Comment by: cassiescraps

Hi, i wanted to thank you for leaving such nice comments in my gallery :) It was muchly appreciated. Hope you have a great day :)
Thanks :)

Posted on: Monday, 5 May 2008, 1:03pm
Comment by: papersilly

Thanks for leaving some love on my Simply You page! Now I have to take an unrushed pic, and crop it! I left you some love too! Have a happy week!

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