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Posted on: Saturday, 20 December 2008, 2:21pm
Comment by: LaurenBiz

Hey there! I know I'm a few days early, but I hope you have a Merry Christmas :-D

Posted on: Sunday, 26 October 2008, 10:15am
Comment by: mum2gnt

Looks like you are part of papertrunk?????? Just have to have some of their stuff it is absolutely gorgeous! Just have to find the money!!! I see the fabulous 12" border stamps which are a great idea - finally someone had the sense to do that! Please can you mention to the design team of Papertrunk that a stitch border stamp would be the icing on the cake!!! Everyone seems to be into stitching! Great stuff anyway. Thanks Suzie

Posted on: Thursday, 29 March 2007, 11:33am
Comment by: needmortimetoscrap

Happy Thursday!! Do something fun today!!

Posted on: Friday, 2 March 2007, 6:34pm
Comment by: needmortimetoscrap

Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!

Posted on: Friday, 1 December 2006, 8:19am
Comment by: exotica

hello there from Puerto Rico and welcome here

Posted on: Thursday, 9 November 2006, 12:48pm
Comment by: A Southern Girl

Just wanted to say welcome, and have a great day!

Posted on: Monday, 6 November 2006, 12:19pm
Comment by: exotica

hello there from Puerto Rico....and welcome here

Posted on: Thursday, 2 November 2006, 1:46pm
Comment by: Lefa

Hi, Welcome to the neighborhood!

Posted on: Thursday, 2 November 2006, 12:46pm
Comment by: Cynthia's Place

Hello and welcome to the neighborhood!

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