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Posted on: Wednesday, 25 April 2012, 5:24pm
Comment by: Nicole Martel

Thanks so much for the nice comments in my gallery!- Nicole

Posted on: Thursday, 1 September 2011, 11:08pm
Comment by: mgiov

Thanks for your sweet comment on my "So Tired" page, much appreciated!!! Peggy

Posted on: Wednesday, 6 October 2010, 7:19am
Comment by: Zippadedoodas

I assume that the 1 entry per day will be looked at by postmarks. I was just worried that if 2 came on same day for some reason it would still be counted based on how I shipped it, vs delivery. Thanks, LMK!

Posted on: Tuesday, 5 October 2010, 8:17pm
Comment by: scrapping ginny

Wh can't we email an entry to the 7 Tools Giveaway?

Posted on: Tuesday, 7 September 2010, 5:49pm

How do we find out who wins the $500 Gift Certificate from August??

Posted on: Thursday, 8 July 2010, 1:10am
Comment by: Drex

been working round the clock getting ready for site upgrades. I think all the neighbors will find they make getting around the site a lot easier.

Posted on: Sunday, 3 January 2010, 10:15pm
Comment by: Scrappin_baby

Happy New Year! Wishing you and your family love, peace, joy and more blessings this 2010 :)

Posted on: Saturday, 19 December 2009, 10:15am
Comment by: byondbzr


Posted on: Thursday, 17 December 2009, 1:39am
Comment by: Mo_N_Jo

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

Posted on: Wednesday, 11 November 2009, 11:16pm
Comment by: Crystal is Leahs Mom

How, cool I jsut saw your video on paperclipping with Noell. Great Job

Posted on: Wednesday, 22 July 2009, 1:35pm
Comment by: Drex

been going through all of the CHA sneak peeks. So much great product coming in soon!

Posted on: Wednesday, 3 June 2009, 2:27pm
Comment by: Drex

announced the new article of the day:

"Product Review: Cropper Hopper Embellishment Boxes and Paper"

find at: http://bit.ly/KNgGU (paste into your browser)

Posted on: Monday, 18 May 2009, 10:57am
Comment by: Drex

wondering if you've signed up to follow scrapbook.com at facebook and twitter yet?

twitter - http://twitter.com/scrapbookcom

facebook - http://bit.ly/16QmvX

Posted on: Monday, 4 May 2009, 12:28pm
Comment by: Drex

working on adding additional filters to feeds (so you can just see layouts your friends posted, or just their new blog entries, etc).

Posted on: Friday, 1 May 2009, 6:08pm
Comment by: Pammy

lol, I already spend enough time on here, now you add feeds!! I love it!!! Thanks for the upgrades, I think I will be on more often ;)

Posted on: Friday, 1 May 2009, 5:39pm
Comment by: Drex

love the new site upgrades

Posted on: Friday, 1 May 2009, 4:59pm
Comment by: McKane

fyi. the new site changes are live.

Posted on: Wednesday, 22 April 2009, 6:11pm
Comment by: Drex

loving the new feeds, it's a great filter to see quickly what all my friends and favs are doing.

Posted on: Saturday, 28 March 2009, 5:47am
Comment by: scrappinmomto2girls

TY for all that you share~

Posted on: Friday, 13 February 2009, 12:27am
Comment by: scraphappy_jen

Sending you a big Hi-hello and hoping life is sweet for you this Valentine's Day! (((hugs)))
Scrap happy!

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