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Posted on: Thursday, 25 June 2009, 9:13am
Comment by: Dawn823

Where did you find the "You and Me Were Meant to Be" paper from your wedding album? I LOVE it and am getting married in TWO weeks ;) Thanks!

Posted on: Tuesday, 9 June 2009, 6:15am
Comment by: dnurse

Your tear bears are absolutely awesome. Donna

Posted on: Monday, 30 June 2008, 9:10pm
Comment by: married05

I'm so jealous! We've only been to Oahu once - and that was for our "weddingmoon!" We enjoyed the cruise, mainly because it was an easy way for us to see the other islands as well. Maui was by far both of our favorites - we're hoping to go back one day.

Posted on: Monday, 30 June 2008, 7:13pm
Comment by: married05

Hi! Thanks for the comment! We got married in 2005 - I'm still working on my wedding album. Hawaii was absolutely gorgeous. We both really want to go back some day. We got married in Honolulu and then went on a cruise to visit the other Hawaiian Islands.

Posted on: Monday, 24 December 2007, 8:20am
Comment by: STAMPMOM9


Posted on: Thursday, 6 December 2007, 5:19am
Comment by: TickledPink011

I hope everything is going well.. I haven't heard from you in a while.. Things for me couldn't be any better... SERIOUSLY! Things are soo good right now... And i'm actually starting my Bacholars SOON! ~~~> NEXT MONTH so I can't wait... And on top of that i'll be finishing up my Associates Degree to and babysitting a set of 24 month old Triplets....

Posted on: Wednesday, 24 October 2007, 8:08am
Comment by: vannalou

Happy Wednesday! I hope your week is going well!

Posted on: Monday, 17 September 2007, 2:30pm
Comment by: TickledPink011

HeY! Can you PLEASE check out my blog to see if you can help me???

Posted on: Thursday, 6 September 2007, 11:30am
Comment by: TickledPink011

HeY! I'm doing Good actually!!! I've been trying not to do any SCRAPBOOKING or even think about SCRAPBOOKING and it's been soo hard but i'm doing good... I know if I do think about it or talk about it I want to do it... And it makes me wanna do it even MORE!! Last night I just finished my CP class! I didn't plan on taking this long.... But I did! And I wanted to get it done a lot sooner.... So yeah! I'm doing good! And school is going GREAT! Within the next 6 months I am going to be start my BACHOLARS DEGREE! And also finishing up my ASSOCIATES while I do that.... So I am excited... School is GREAT!!! And so is MIKE && I!!! Our 2 Year ANN. is actually coming up!!! It's the 25th of this month.. And were not going to get to see each other... He's flying to Vegas to help his friend move.. He moving back this way to be closer to family... And him and his wife are expecting any day now.... So she can't help... And they are going to need all the help they can get... But i'm not mad or upset.... I'm just mixed with EMOTIONS!!! We our getting a new addition to our little family... NO it's not a baby!!! But I do wish!!!! It's another puppy! We've been taking care of a Min. Pin. since the 11th of July.... So now we want to buy it... We've already named it and i'm told Mike he's not going back to the store... And sicne we've named him it will be even harder to let him go!!! His name is Taco by the way and my nick name for him is Taco Bell!!!!

Well that's all my news.... And I thought I would share!


Posted on: Tuesday, 28 August 2007, 11:38pm
Comment by: Sony

Hi Crystal
I will go to Las Vegas on december 2007.... counting the days!!!!
Greetings, Sony

Posted on: Wednesday, 8 August 2007, 3:53am
Comment by: AussieKaz

I love your adorable little " tear animals "

Posted on: Wednesday, 1 August 2007, 3:14pm
Comment by: ScrappyLitty

hii! your tearing looks superb! if you ever go without inspiration: tear chinchilla's would be soooo cute :D

Posted on: Thursday, 19 July 2007, 6:29pm
Comment by: x3Jessicalouise

Your tear animals are awesome.. they really look great!

Posted on: Thursday, 21 June 2007, 6:10am
Comment by: TickledPink011


Posted on: Tuesday, 19 June 2007, 11:51am
Comment by: TickledPink011

HeY!!! Saturday MIKE &&& I are going shopping 4 MY BIRTHDAY... I CAN'T WAIT! I'll be spending his money,lol... Well MONEY he gives me 4 MY BIRTHDAY! IdK what all i'm buying besides SB stuff... I do know were going 2 WALMART... SO i'm excited.... Even though MY BIRTHDAY is SUNDAY!!! But he has to work both days because were going to SC next THURSDAY!!! So i'm excited... Were thinking of going to the beach when were done there... But IDK if we will or not....

Posted on: Sunday, 3 June 2007, 7:30pm
Comment by: jlrroad

Weekends almost over! :o(
Have a great week! :o)

Posted on: Thursday, 31 May 2007, 6:45pm
Comment by: jlrroad

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Posted on: Thursday, 24 May 2007, 12:15pm
Comment by: Kitty_wOlf

Tag- you're it!

Posted on: Thursday, 24 May 2007, 8:18am
Comment by: jlrroad

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Posted on: Monday, 21 May 2007, 5:38pm
Comment by: TickledPink011

HeY!!! I hope everything is GREAT with you!!! I'm sorry we don't get to talk much... I LOVE hearing from you!!! I HOPE you have a GREAT week and can't wait 2 see what it BRINGS... Hopefully a tons of warm weather && scrapin!!!

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