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Posted on: Wednesday, 27 January 2016, 12:42pm
Comment by: bobbij

to all of Bobbies friends , I am writing this post to let you know she passed away on 4/26/2015. Thank you for all your kindness, her husband Steve Fleishell.

Posted on: Tuesday, 22 December 2015, 2:28pm
Comment by: BonniePratte

Dear Bobbi, thinking of you again today. I'm so blessed to have known you and shared crochet patterns with you. Rest in peace my friend... Hugs, Bonnie

Posted on: Sunday, 25 October 2015, 8:28am
Comment by: BonniePratte

Dear Bobbi, I was thinking of you today, I know you're up above with the angels and I miss you and all the kindness you always showed me. Rest in peace dear friend. Hugs, Bonnie

Posted on: Friday, 21 August 2015, 9:26pm
Comment by: DKravec

It is now August and I'm still missing you. I know that you are with the angels and having a good scrapfest but I'm a little selfish and I'd much prefer you were still here. I'll always miss you and you will forever be loved. Rest in Peace Bobbie. You deserve it.

Posted on: Friday, 1 May 2015, 7:27pm
Comment by: bettylou1

I still can't believe you're gone... We just spoke on the phone a week and a half ago.
You were so very special to me and I will never forget you. I will truly miss our phone
Calls and emails... You've been part of my family since 2008 and I don't know how
To let you go just yet, this just wasn't suppose to happen to you my dear friend.
My heart is broken and I miss you so much, sleep with Angels Bobbie.... Big bear hugs

Posted on: Friday, 1 May 2015, 4:20pm
Comment by: chez49

Bobbi, you are now up above us all with the angels, Rest in Peace, hugs/chez

Posted on: Thursday, 30 April 2015, 10:25am
Comment by: Linnny

Bobbie, dear friend, I am so grateful for our friendship! The beautiful treasures you created surround me and so many of those who had the pleasure of knowing you. My heart is heavy, but I know you are at peace. I will miss you. Much Love!

Posted on: Thursday, 30 April 2015, 7:44am
Comment by: DKravec

To my dear friend. You will be forever in my heart. I will thank God every day to have known you.

Posted on: Thursday, 30 April 2015, 5:45am
Comment by: Scrap Smart

Heaven is more beautiful with it's newest angel! RIP, dear Bobbie, we will miss you and your amazing talent! Life is just waaaay too short! HUGS!!!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 29 April 2015, 7:59pm
Comment by: Drayia

Your gentle spirit and amazing talent will be missed. May the Lord have a craft room put aside just for you to decorate Heaven with your creations!

Posted on: Wednesday, 29 April 2015, 7:39pm
Comment by: Lorna Lee

Bobbie, we will miss you. May God receive you into His kingdom. Your talents will forever live in your creations as a reminder of our sweet friend. RIP

Posted on: Wednesday, 29 April 2015, 3:02pm

Bobbie, you were a talented lady and I will always treasure all the beautiful items we swapped. You are gone but will never be forgotten RIP. Love you, Glenda xxxxx

Posted on: Monday, 16 June 2014, 8:53am
Comment by: helbert

THANKS so much Bobbi! You're a Doll!

Posted on: Saturday, 7 June 2014, 7:22am
Comment by: sandistaton

Thanks for your sweet comments. Your work is stunning!!!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 27 May 2014, 10:52am
Comment by: BonniePratte

Bobbi, Thanks so much for stopping by my gallery and leaving such sweet comments. I always enjoy your visits. Have a great week!!!! Hugs, Bonnie

Posted on: Thursday, 24 April 2014, 11:03am
Comment by: Roosterhead designs

wow Bobbi! THANKS! so much for the visit~~Karen

Posted on: Wednesday, 16 April 2014, 3:25pm
Comment by: BonniePratte

Bobbi, So glad you stopped by for a visit, I always enjoy reading your uplifting and encouraging words. The potholders were made with Lily Sugar and Cream cotton yarn. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Bonnie

Posted on: Tuesday, 15 April 2014, 10:51pm
Comment by: sandistaton

Thank you so much for stopping by my gallery and for your encouraging comments.

Posted on: Wednesday, 19 March 2014, 7:18am
Comment by: BonniePratte

Bobbi, So glad you dropped by for a visit, I truely enjoy reading such encouraging and thoughtful comments. Hugs, Bonnie

Posted on: Sunday, 9 February 2014, 11:28pm
Comment by: helbert

A belated birthday wish for you Bobbi! Hope you got spoiled rotten!

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