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Posted on: Wednesday, 13 January 2010, 7:26pm
Comment by: ELynn

Happy Birthday!!

Posted on: Saturday, 5 December 2009, 8:37pm
Comment by: ELynn

Hi, long time no see.

Posted on: Sunday, 16 November 2008, 7:23pm
Comment by: Diane_T

where oh where have you been??????

Posted on: Sunday, 9 November 2008, 9:23pm
Comment by: ELynn

long time no talk. have a great week.

Posted on: Monday, 29 September 2008, 11:03am
Comment by: RockstarJen

Hope you have a great wk!

Posted on: Sunday, 31 August 2008, 3:36pm
Comment by: Prettylolo

not sure how close you are when gustav hits but stay safe!! :) kids, ty and i said a prayer this morning for you and everyone down there.

Posted on: Friday, 15 August 2008, 9:34pm
Comment by: ELynn

you rock!! THANKS so much for ordering the flowers!! and doing detective work!!

Posted on: Thursday, 24 July 2008, 6:19am
Comment by: Diane_T

Stopping in to say "good morning".

Posted on: Friday, 4 July 2008, 9:26am
Comment by: Diane_T

Have a safe and happy 4th.

Posted on: Monday, 16 June 2008, 6:42pm
Comment by: Diane_T

You've been tagged! Read my blog!

Posted on: Sunday, 15 June 2008, 10:25am
Comment by: Diane_T

Stopping by to say hello. I hope you are having an awesome weekend!

Posted on: Saturday, 7 June 2008, 11:30am
Comment by: The Cats Meow

Cute avatar!!!
Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Cheryl

Posted on: Sunday, 1 June 2008, 12:27pm
Comment by: lilmermaid627

Thank you so much Mariah!!!!! I really appreciate it! I am still learning though- there are so many aspects of scrapbooking that I have no clue on!!!! Thanks for the nice words though!

Posted on: Sunday, 25 May 2008, 7:18pm
Comment by: CraftyCandace

Hey Mariah! Thanks for the sweet comments on my layouts! That purse was a birthday gift from my boyfriend!

Posted on: Sunday, 25 May 2008, 7:08pm
Comment by: alarae

I hope you had a wonderful weekend

Posted on: Wednesday, 21 May 2008, 7:38am
Comment by: Lefa

TAG. go to my blog here on

Posted on: Thursday, 8 May 2008, 10:53am
Comment by: DawnInAZ

((HUGS)) thanks for sticking it out in BB!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 23 April 2008, 7:50pm
Comment by: Diane_T

Stopping in to say hi. I hope you are having a good week.

Posted on: Saturday, 19 April 2008, 10:10am
Comment by: Devine Scrapper

Hey GirlFriend...Just Stopping by to wish you a Fabulous Weekend...
Hugs, Nicki (LovesAlot)

Posted on: Friday, 4 April 2008, 4:12pm
Comment by: jessiebabie824

thanks! that makes me excited~

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