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Posted on: Thursday, 23 August 2012, 4:29pm
Comment by: Doreena

thanks for having my back! its truly appreciated!

Posted on: Tuesday, 14 June 2011, 9:16pm
Comment by: Karenliz

I love the class. Christy is a wonderful teacher. I'm now taking her other workshop, She Had 3 Hearts. Amazing!

Posted on: Monday, 30 May 2011, 6:24am
Comment by: Katgurl72

wow your work is amazing!

Posted on: Thursday, 17 February 2011, 7:39am
Comment by: beckyneemann

Hi Sandi! Thanks for the love on my collage. It was a ton of fun to do. :)

Posted on: Friday, 21 January 2011, 10:05am
Comment by: beckyneemann

Thanks for the love on my wedding LO. How have you been? :)

Posted on: Thursday, 6 January 2011, 12:49pm
Comment by: beckyneemann

Thank you for your comments on my gallery posting. That piece was my favorite that I've ever done. Simply put...Bill saved my life. :)

Posted on: Sunday, 27 June 2010, 7:58pm
Comment by: Peasy

Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my Why I Scrapbook layout. How are you? Is that Tim Holtz holding that I love Tigger sign??? Haha, I love it!

Posted on: Sunday, 20 June 2010, 3:52pm
Comment by: krissyclarkmckee

I will definitely take "holy crap" as a compliment on my Confessions and Musings layout - LOL! Glad you liked it!

Posted on: Tuesday, 23 June 2009, 9:52am
Comment by: Scrappetizer

Right back at ya, Tigger! I appreciate you recent visit and comment on my "Waiting" page. Have a great day!

Posted on: Friday, 8 May 2009, 11:45am
Comment by: SuperAllyFan

Thanks so much for your comment on my 'Gorgeous' lo - that made me laugh and made my day :) Have a great weekend! Kim xx

Posted on: Wednesday, 6 May 2009, 7:52am
Comment by: ScrappE

Glad you liked my take on your layout... I glanced through your gallery again and there sure are some gems in there. :)

Posted on: Tuesday, 5 May 2009, 5:19pm
Comment by: ScrappE

I scraplifted your Hawt Hat Girls without asking permission, but I am giving you credit in my gallery. I sure hope that's ok!

Posted on: Thursday, 9 April 2009, 9:36am
Comment by: jenniferdaisy

Thanks for the heads up about how the bottle for the crackle paint looks. i will check for it next time I am at Michaels. Thanks so much for all the information.

Posted on: Thursday, 9 April 2009, 8:07am
Comment by: jenniferdaisy

In what area of Michaels did you get the crackle paint? I have looked for it before. I will look again. Maybe I looked at Hobby Lobby and Joann's not Michaels. Thanks.

Posted on: Monday, 30 March 2009, 12:43pm
Comment by: toofclnr

hi there... thanks for the comment on my ATC card (dental One) i sure appreciate you taking the time!!! Have a great week!!

Posted on: Friday, 6 March 2009, 1:29pm
Comment by: CathyLane

Hi!! Just wanted to thank you for the most beautiful comments left in my gallery and I appreciate it so very much! I had a peek at yours too and absolutely loved what I saw!! Thanks so much again! Cathy

Posted on: Wednesday, 4 March 2009, 9:05pm
Comment by: spend2much

Thank u for the sweet comment on my sister LO. I just found a gold antique looking frame for it. It's gona look so nice once I add the LO in the frame. :)

Posted on: Thursday, 15 January 2009, 8:45am
Comment by: PopGoestheLaLa

As I'm not a New Jersey native, I had to google map Budd Lake to see if it was close! I'm over in the Parsippany-Troy Hills area, so a bit of a drive down 80.

Posted on: Sunday, 4 January 2009, 5:22pm
Comment by: Foamy

Hi! I wanted to stop & thank you for your comments on my lo "to have joy:! So nice of you to take the time! hope you had a great weekend! Lynn :D

Posted on: Thursday, 1 January 2009, 9:53pm
Comment by: Groovy Deborah

Missed ya and came by for a visit. Hope you have been doing well. Happy New Year! Deborah

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