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Posted on: Friday, 21 November 2008, 3:48pm
Comment by: Scrapping Chica

Hey, I'm a child scrapper too! I'm age ten and love scrappin even though i don't do it all the time like my mom. nice to meet ya kaytee.

Posted on: Saturday, 14 June 2008, 9:28pm
Comment by: AllyW

Hey there! Thanks so much for the sweet comment that you left on my mini album! Looking through your gallery, you look like you have a lot of fun with your friends :) Have a great day!

Posted on: Saturday, 24 May 2008, 8:19am
Comment by: Volzgirl

Thanks for your very sweet comment on my CJ page....that is actually my niece.

Posted on: Monday, 19 May 2008, 11:54am
Comment by: Nifty Scrapper

heeyyy yeah ha i agree we do need to keep in touch. I'm doing nothing lately. what about u. well ttyl byebye


Posted on: Monday, 5 May 2008, 3:23pm
Comment by: Nifty Scrapper

Heeeyyy Katie , How's it going? Haven't talked to u in a while. Anything new?

Well talk to ya later see ya girly

_ Melly (L):)

Posted on: Thursday, 23 August 2007, 6:31pm
Comment by: sunnybear

My birthday was okay. Most of my family forgot about it. My DH had to call his mother to remind her. I have my immediate family (DH and kids), my health, friends on here.

Posted on: Wednesday, 22 August 2007, 4:16am
Comment by: sunnybear

Thank you for the comment on my neice. Hope you are having a great week!

Posted on: Friday, 17 August 2007, 9:40am
Comment by: Sarah_Liz

Hey there, thanks so much for the sweet comment on my "Family Ties" layout! I really appreciate it! How great that you've started scrapbooking so young! Your gallery looks wonderful! Keep it up! Hope you have a great weekend! Happy scrapping!

Posted on: Sunday, 5 August 2007, 11:10am
Comment by: Scrapbook123

Your gallery is great! You are very creative. Keep up the awesome work. You rawk girlie!

Posted on: Tuesday, 31 July 2007, 1:00pm
Comment by: g r e t c h e n

thanks for the nice comment...i like your style too!!

Posted on: Friday, 13 July 2007, 6:55am
Comment by: Firepoppy

Thanks for adding me as a friend. My name is Katie too.

Posted on: Monday, 2 July 2007, 12:00pm
Comment by: Nifty Scrapper

Well katie thank you for sparing your few minutes on me lol. Yes i have been very busy this week. Every since school ended my friends have been calling or i've been calling my friends lol. Tonight i am going to a BBQ. I am going soon. So have fun with your cousins. Hopefully you will have more minutes to spare. I will talk to you later. Have a fun and safe summer.


Posted on: Sunday, 1 July 2007, 8:53am
Comment by: Nifty Scrapper

Katie i know how cousins can be i have a lot of them lol. Hope you are having a good week.

- Nifty scrapper

Posted on: Saturday, 23 June 2007, 12:20pm
Comment by: Nifty Scrapper

well happy 12th birthday Katie, sorrry i haven't gotten back to you in a while. have a good birthday Love NS

Posted on: Saturday, 23 June 2007, 10:54am
Comment by: Krystle_d

You've been tagged! Copy and re-post Random facts about Me!

Posted on: Tuesday, 19 June 2007, 12:51pm
Comment by: Krystle_d

thanks for the add!

Posted on: Sunday, 17 June 2007, 10:08am
Comment by: Debz

Hiya, Thanks for adding me as a friend :D

Posted on: Saturday, 2 June 2007, 8:29am
Comment by: Nifty Scrapper

Hey katie i haven't talked to you for a while how have you been?

Posted on: Saturday, 5 May 2007, 7:22am
Comment by: Tracey Jackson

Happy scrappy day :)

Posted on: Friday, 4 May 2007, 5:38pm
Comment by: x3Jessicalouise

Have a great weekend! and an even better National Scrapbook Day!!

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