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Posted on: Sunday, 19 April 2015, 12:56pm
Comment by: horse-withnoname

Our friend SQMandi needs your help. She has come upon hard times. Please read the information provided in the u r l. And pass the word! Every little bit helps!

Posted on: Saturday, 21 February 2015, 7:38pm
Comment by: ajsophios62

Thank you for you visit and comment on my 'Love this Girl' LO. Have a great week. x Angela

Posted on: Sunday, 21 December 2014, 3:08pm
Comment by: scrapperbee

Welcome back! Hope to keep seeing your lo's!

Posted on: Saturday, 4 May 2013, 7:59pm
Comment by: mariposa326

hey stranger!!! :-)

Posted on: Sunday, 13 May 2012, 3:42pm
Comment by: justLyn

Hope you're having a wonderful Mother's Day! ~Lyn

Posted on: Tuesday, 1 May 2012, 9:38am
Comment by: justLyn

Hi Mandi! Haven't seen you around for a while,and hope all is good with you. Have a great week! ~Lyn

Posted on: Thursday, 19 April 2012, 9:15am
Comment by: madscrappertoo..

So Nice of you to stop in with your gallery love.. Thanks so much!

Posted on: Wednesday, 11 April 2012, 6:47pm
Comment by: CindyRenee

Hello Mandi, Thank you for leaving such kind comments on my layouts.
I just read your bio. wow, you sure have your hands full. So glad that you still have time to make your awesome scrapbook pages. You are an inspiration.
God bless you.

Posted on: Friday, 6 April 2012, 6:26am
Comment by: Yellielynn

Mandi omg!! I am so happy for you guys. Only a few more weeks left untilthe little one comes!! Everyone is so happy for you guys!! I guess Natalia won't be the youngest afterall, but this one will be! LOL

Posted on: Tuesday, 13 March 2012, 7:38pm
Comment by: DittoBabyGirl

Oh Mandi..I just read what happened to your poor kitty :( I'm so sorry to hear that-you and the kids must be heartbroken. I also saw your post about your daughter...I will keep her in my prayers for a speedy recovery! Enough bad news for you!

Posted on: Monday, 20 February 2012, 3:21pm
Comment by: FreeYourFears

Loved reading your profile page. Your children have such beautiful names! Thanks for the friend request!!

Posted on: Saturday, 1 October 2011, 7:49pm
Comment by: ChansGram

Hi Mandi!!
Haven't seen you for awhile, so nice of you to visit and to leave the "luv" !! Always appreciated. I hope you and the fam are well. I will peek in at what you've been up to when I get home. Thanks again, Trish

Posted on: Wednesday, 7 September 2011, 9:36am
Comment by: newtoscrapping2011

Mandi, thank you so much for stopping by my gallery and leaving love. I truly appreciate you taking the time to look through! It means alot!

Posted on: Tuesday, 6 September 2011, 4:55pm
Comment by: Tishd

Hi Mandi...it is so nice to reconnect with you on the VLB challenge thread! I see you have a beautiful new baby girl!

Posted on: Monday, 5 September 2011, 9:09pm
Comment by: Pookahbot

Hi Mandi! The star thingie on the "rockstar" layout (about the jumper) was cut out from pp and then I stickled the heck out of it :)

Posted on: Friday, 3 June 2011, 8:24pm
Comment by: Katgurl72

Thanks for your lovely comment on my "She Art"

Posted on: Saturday, 7 May 2011, 12:01pm
Comment by: mariposa326

Congrats for your win!!!!! WOOHOO!!!! :-D

Posted on: Saturday, 2 April 2011, 4:05pm
Comment by: tabbilwilex

Thank you so much for the comment on my Clowning around lo! Happy Saturday! Hugs...Tab

Posted on: Tuesday, 22 March 2011, 5:23am
Comment by: DittoBabyGirl

Thanks for the gallery love!

Posted on: Thursday, 27 January 2011, 7:59am
Comment by: peenut_23

I better not get started .... huh? You are too competitive for me! LOL

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