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Posted on: Saturday, 17 August 2013, 6:29am
Comment by: bonprof

Stopped by to see your gallery and to read your profile. Very nice! God bless you too! Donna

Posted on: Monday, 9 May 2011, 4:25pm
Comment by: CleverEndeavors

Wow, everyone, I can't believe I still have any friends I've been gone so long - my health took a turn for the worse the past couple of years - had a heart attack exactly a year ago yesterday - am so blessed to be alive. Going through the change of life - so much fun, lol, and recently had surgery to repair an umbilical hernia. I'm praying that as soon as I'm healed from this last operation I'll be able to get back into creating and having fun with all of you! God Bless and hope to be joining you soon!

Posted on: Tuesday, 11 May 2010, 9:28pm
Comment by: Lauriebird

Hope all is well my dearest friend in christ ! God Bless You !!

Posted on: Saturday, 2 January 2010, 7:17am
Comment by: Alia M

I hope 2010 is finding you in good health and good spirits! Sending you good wishes!

Posted on: Thursday, 22 October 2009, 7:45pm
Comment by: phamil

I'm so sorry that you have been sick, but I'm so happy that you're now on the mend. Prayer works miracles as we know! Please keep us updated and look forward to seeing you scrapping again!!!! Hugs,

Posted on: Tuesday, 20 October 2009, 10:12am
Comment by: Croppin4Christ

So sorry to hear that you have been so ill. Next time, tell us! Praise the Lord that you are getting better!

Posted on: Saturday, 14 February 2009, 1:48pm
Comment by: KatesCreations

Hope all is well with you. Happy Valentine's Day! Hugs, Kate

Posted on: Thursday, 5 February 2009, 10:46am
Comment by: chcknwoman

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Posted on: Wednesday, 24 December 2008, 6:15pm
Comment by: Mother Goose

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

Posted on: Friday, 19 December 2008, 6:25pm
Comment by: KatesCreations

I'm stopping by early (while I have a break) to wish you and your family a very blessed and beautiful Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you for sharing the love of Christ and your music. Hugs, Kate & Jacob

Posted on: Friday, 19 December 2008, 1:34pm
Comment by: Croppin4Christ

Merry Christmas to you and your family! Tell that wonderful husband of yours to keep on singing!!!

Posted on: Thursday, 18 December 2008, 7:42am
Comment by: lilmrmaid

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Posted on: Thursday, 27 November 2008, 6:58am
Comment by: DoDi

Cindy Lee, Oops, I missed your birthday. Happy Late Birthday!! I hope you and yours have a wonderfully Blessed Thanksgiving!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 25 November 2008, 10:08pm
Comment by: lilmrmaid

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted on: Saturday, 15 November 2008, 2:21pm
Comment by: KatesCreations

I'm stopping by early to wish you and your family a "Happy Thanksgiving." I have had so much going on with my family, my Internet/printer issues, and don't want the time to get away without saying hello. Have a blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving- Hugs, Kate

Posted on: Thursday, 25 September 2008, 12:23am
Comment by: lilmrmaid

Hello, hope you are having a great week.

Posted on: Thursday, 4 September 2008, 10:09pm
Comment by:

Just wanted to stop in and say "Hi"!! Have a great weekend.

Posted on: Monday, 1 September 2008, 3:03pm
Comment by: Butterstweak

Thanks for you Labor Day blessings! We're just staying home as DH has a ton of studying to do since he started nursing school last week. I hope you have a great end-of-summer blowout!

Posted on: Monday, 1 September 2008, 2:00pm
Comment by: Croppin4Christ

Your husband sings beautifully!! I love The Midnight Cry. It is one of my all time favorites!!! I had to giggle when you were praising the Lord during the song!!! I always forget when I am recording someone and I will is so loud; but of course, yours was appropriate!!

Posted on: Monday, 1 September 2008, 10:52am
Comment by: The Cats Meow

Thanks for the Labor day blessings!
You and your family have a blessed day too!!

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