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Posted on: Sunday, 11 December 2011, 9:38pm
Comment by: jenniferd1009

Thanks so much for sprinkling sugar in my gallery! I really appreciate you taking the time to comment!
Love what you did with the box and book!

Jen = )

Posted on: Thursday, 8 December 2011, 3:23am
Comment by: bubbachooka

Hi there, Thanksfor adding me as a friend, Love your work also....take care. Mish

Posted on: Saturday, 26 November 2011, 5:41am
Comment by: Bexta76

Thanks so much for adding me as a friend and for your kind compliments on my work. Bec :-)

Posted on: Thursday, 24 November 2011, 7:05am
Comment by: memoriesofmygirls

Thanks for the hugs on my thankful for you lo!!!

Posted on: Thursday, 24 November 2011, 6:57am
Comment by: canderson63

Happy Thanksgiving to all my crafty friends!!!

Posted on: Friday, 4 November 2011, 2:06pm
Comment by: Lenethren

Thank you for commenting on my Hippo project!Hope you have a wonderful weekend. BTW, you have a beautiful avatar!

Posted on: Wednesday, 2 November 2011, 8:57am
Comment by: mgiov

A very belated "thank you" for the love that you've left in my gallery. I appreciate your kind comments!!! Hugs, Peggy

Posted on: Monday, 24 October 2011, 7:14pm
Comment by: KellyCreates

Hi! Thanks for the nice comment on my Halloween page! Have a wonderful week...Cheers, Kelly :)

Posted on: Tuesday, 28 June 2011, 11:03am
Comment by: MissStarlaMae

Thanks so much for your comment on my ATC holder! Have a great week! =D Cheers! xx Star

Posted on: Monday, 25 April 2011, 11:31am
Comment by: armygirl

Thanks so much for your comments on my gallery,,I really appreciate it.

Posted on: Sunday, 24 April 2011, 8:57am
Comment by: madscrappertoo..

Thanks so very much for your kind words.. Soo nice of you.. Gabriella

Posted on: Sunday, 24 April 2011, 5:44am
Comment by: canderson63

Happy Easter to all, hope you all have a blessed day..

Posted on: Friday, 8 April 2011, 9:53am
Comment by: DKravec

Thanks so much for the gallery visit. You're so sweet with your comments. You asked about the image I used on my card. It was just an image I pulled from the computer. Thanks for the interest.

Posted on: Saturday, 19 March 2011, 6:26pm
Comment by: reneabouquets

Thanks for the gallery visit and for braving my "outside the pretty box", "Mad" lo! Hope it made you smile. Renea

Posted on: Sunday, 6 March 2011, 1:52pm
Comment by: chawly cat

HELLO,and thanks for stopping by and leaving a great comment on my lucky have a good day..Liz

Posted on: Saturday, 22 January 2011, 8:21am
Comment by: Suzie Crafter

Thanks for the compliment on my Steampunk Fairy TAG! Have a great weekend - Susan

Posted on: Tuesday, 18 January 2011, 10:08pm
Comment by: yarra

Thanks for the cheer glad you liked my screen, in answer to your ? it is not too big, the rectangular panel is a little bigger than A4. Thanks for dropping by!

Posted on: Saturday, 25 December 2010, 6:47am
Comment by: canderson63

Would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas to all my friends here...

Posted on: Thursday, 25 November 2010, 7:33am
Comment by: canderson63

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends

Posted on: Sunday, 17 October 2010, 5:20pm
Comment by: featherrs

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my flower!!!

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