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Posted on: Tuesday, 27 January 2009, 6:52pm
Comment by: StampinMindy

Wow I cant believe your are body building.. I cant even loose fat! LOL!!! I haven't been doing anything much, I finally went to my first Crop on the 10th I had a BLAST! Still trying to get on a DT. That's about it. How's your daughter doing? Well talk to you later.

Posted on: Sunday, 25 January 2009, 8:20am
Comment by: Armenian Girl

Go Cardinals!!!! xOxOxO

Posted on: Tuesday, 30 December 2008, 11:53am
Comment by: StampinMindy

Hope you had a great Christmas! Happy New year!

Posted on: Wednesday, 24 December 2008, 4:53pm
Comment by: Msnickers2

Merry Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Posted on: Thursday, 11 December 2008, 1:20pm
Comment by: StampinMindy

How are you doing? I've been busy.. There's something wrong with my yahoo or my computer I cannot turn it on. i probably need to re-install it. but I'm having so many problems with my computer I haven't done it. Anywho .. Ready for Christmas? I'm not. Well talk with you soon!

Posted on: Sunday, 30 November 2008, 8:01pm
Comment by: StampinMindy

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Posted on: Thursday, 27 November 2008, 3:57pm
Comment by: ChansGram

Happy Turkey Day to you and yours!!!

Posted on: Thursday, 27 November 2008, 3:59am
Comment by: retrojulie

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving & try not to eat too much at dinner. Gotta save room for PIE!

Posted on: Wednesday, 19 November 2008, 12:40pm
Comment by: StampinMindy

Hey how are you? I been sick and busy getting ready for my hostess club and another workshop. Hopefully I will get a chance to be online more tomorrow I need to go get ready to get my kids.. we have a game tonight all the way in El Monte about 1 1/2 hours from me.. it's gonna be a long night!

Posted on: Thursday, 30 October 2008, 2:58pm
Comment by: StampinMindy

Hey! I'm just popping online for a sec..I've been cleaning all day I will be on this evening.. Today's my son's Birthday so I'm going to be spending time with him before he goes to practice. ttys:)

Posted on: Monday, 27 October 2008, 7:12pm
Comment by: StampinMindy

I got the kits already!! OMG I cannot wait to play! Thank you I will be pulling it all out tomorrow If you get a chance get on yahoo tomorrow I have a few questions. Talk to you soon!

Posted on: Monday, 27 October 2008, 10:20am
Comment by: StampinMindy

Hey how was your weekend? I cant wait to play with the kit you sent. I'm very excited! My son's party was fun. My little one kept me up all night not sure how functionable I am today .. lol ttys!

Posted on: Sunday, 27 July 2008, 9:04pm
Comment by: Tripple B

I just went to nights... so I'm adjusting too! Again, I'm really delayed on getting back to you. I emailed you on your personal email..... so hopefully you get that and we can talk that way bc i'm not on here like ever! haha

Posted on: Sunday, 11 May 2008, 10:12pm
Comment by: scrappinsteph

Hope you had a fabu Mother's Day!! Hope you didn't have to work today! Take care!

Posted on: Friday, 9 May 2008, 7:41pm
Comment by: Heather J. Landry

I hope you have a beautiful Mother's Day and a wonderful weekend!

Posted on: Friday, 25 April 2008, 2:01pm
Comment by: Msnickers2

You're on! I bet I can find another challenge or swap before you can. I'm faster.

Posted on: Friday, 25 April 2008, 12:09pm
Comment by: tarabeth78

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my LO. I really appreciate it. The stitches on are actually rub-ons.

Posted on: Friday, 25 April 2008, 10:07am
Comment by: Heather J. Landry

You are so welcome for the comment. I'm glad it made you laugh. I hope you are having a great day! Thanks for stopping by My Place.

Posted on: Friday, 25 April 2008, 8:21am
Comment by: rahulsmom

Thanks for the love on my 2 page LO...Time for Gifts. I really appreciate it. Hope u have a great weekend.

Posted on: Thursday, 24 April 2008, 6:04pm
Comment by: LynetteL

Thanks for leaving some love in my gallery! I appreciate it!!

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