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Posted on: Sunday, 8 January 2012, 4:29pm
Comment by: Chrysie

It's nice too find someone who isn't afraid to talk about God. I'm 15 and I love him, too. Chrysie

Posted on: Monday, 24 May 2010, 12:10pm
Comment by: TripletMomS

Hey there! After a long hiatis I have picked up my zig pen and returned to my long time love of scrappin'! I am re-learning how to use this site and cleanin' house.... so if you are still around and active, drop me a note ;) Candy

Posted on: Sunday, 14 February 2010, 12:34pm
Comment by: KellyCreates

Hi Jada! THanks for your kind words in my gallery! I appreciate it! Hey, and guess what? My oldest daughter's name is Serena! Cheers, Kelly :)

Posted on: Sunday, 14 February 2010, 10:29am


Posted on: Thursday, 11 February 2010, 6:05am
Comment by: TinamarieR

THANKS for your comment!! Have a Great day!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 15 September 2009, 6:18pm
Comment by: vikkic

Thank you for the comment on my Veronica Lake card #2.

Posted on: Sunday, 23 August 2009, 10:43am
Comment by: muffydm

Hey Girly, What's going on? I just checked out your website, it looks great. You are getting prettier and prettier. Are you ready to go back to school? Our school begins on September 8th! I'm getting ready for all my Kindergarten kids!!!

Posted on: Monday, 6 July 2009, 1:47pm
Comment by: muffydm

Hey Sweetie,

Stopping by before I leave for my trip. I hope you are having a wonderful summer!

Take care,

Posted on: Tuesday, 30 June 2009, 9:26am
Comment by: muffydm

Hello, Stopping by and wishing you a happy day!!!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 2 June 2009, 1:17pm
Comment by: Kate444

hey! I was looking @ some of your pics and loved all of them! They are soo cute!

Posted on: Tuesday, 2 June 2009, 1:15pm
Comment by: Kate444

hey! I was looking at some of your picks and wanted to comment on them! they are very adorable!

Posted on: Sunday, 3 May 2009, 8:01pm
Comment by: Doreena

Thanks! I love my profile pic too! :)

Posted on: Sunday, 3 May 2009, 3:46pm
Comment by: muffydm

How are you doing? We are doing great. I was thinking about you the other day. Have you been scrapping? I'm working on some stuff and hope to have them posted soon. Enjoy next week.

Posted on: Sunday, 3 May 2009, 2:11pm
Comment by: Scrapping Chica

Hangin' back and enjoying life!

Posted on: Monday, 27 April 2009, 11:09am
Comment by: Studio Lailani

Hi There!!! I've been MIA for awhile, but I'm back now!!! Have a wonderful day!!!!!

Posted on: Sunday, 12 April 2009, 7:59am

Hope you and your family have a safe and wonderful Easter my freind........

Posted on: Saturday, 11 April 2009, 11:32pm
Comment by: TripletMomS

May God's greatest blessing be yours, hope you have a fantastic Easter ;)

Posted on: Tuesday, 7 April 2009, 2:05pm
Comment by: SQ Mandi

Hi. We are all doing great. Thanks for stopping by and asking. How are you?

Posted on: Monday, 2 March 2009, 9:36am
Comment by: colleenak

Good Morning! Thanks for stopping by! My boys are 15 and 9. As most kids, they keep us busy and on our toes. Hope you have a good week.

Posted on: Monday, 23 February 2009, 4:04pm
Comment by: colleenak

Hi! I'm doing great, busy with the boys and Cub Scouts. It's raining today, but I heard the birds singing this morning, so I know that Spring is coming! Yea! Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by!

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