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Posted on: Monday, 26 January 2009, 6:32pm
Comment by: Claire L

Just stopping by to say 'Hi'! Hope your 2009 is filled with LOVE and inspiration!

Posted on: Sunday, 23 December 2007, 1:12pm
Comment by: Kathie_d

Woooohooo Christmas is coming! Hope you have been good this year! Have an amazing Holiday my friend! Kathie

Posted on: Saturday, 22 December 2007, 7:16am
Comment by: scrapperlicious

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hugs!

Posted on: Thursday, 20 December 2007, 5:22am
Comment by: Mother Goose

Mother Goose is sending you wishes for a wonderfully Merry Christmas a blessed New Year.

Posted on: Wednesday, 12 December 2007, 3:44pm
Comment by: Tiphini

As the holiday approaches time seems to speed up. I want to take a moment to say Happy Holidays to you and your family! Thank you for all the kind words messages… posts… laughs… just for being my online friend! Please know that I wish you all the happiness and joys of the season and a prosperous New Year!

Remember to sing Him, Happy Birthday!

Tiffany Hatch

Posted on: Thursday, 25 October 2007, 10:58am
Comment by: Tiphini

To my Friends:
I hope you have a Spook-tacular Fall Season!

Posted on: Friday, 14 September 2007, 12:40pm
Comment by: LakeshoreLady

Tag! You're it! See my blog for details. Copy into your blog, complete, and tag 7 people.

Posted on: Friday, 7 September 2007, 8:46am
Comment by: Tiphini

Don’t forget Grandparents day on the 9th of September!
Run over to Hallmark dot com and send a free e card ! It only takes a moment to bring a day full of smiles!

Have a happy Friday!

Posted on: Sunday, 2 September 2007, 9:16pm
Comment by: Queen Kat Designs

Have a great day!

Posted on: Monday, 27 August 2007, 8:31am
Comment by: Im a Believer

Have a MEMORABLE Monday!

Posted on: Wednesday, 22 August 2007, 10:34am
Comment by: spend2much

Where'r u'r LO's or photos?

Posted on: Tuesday, 21 August 2007, 7:41pm
Comment by: jme-dee

Welcome! I can't wait to see your fabulous drool covered layouts :) Have a great day!

Posted on: Sunday, 19 August 2007, 7:09am
Comment by: blushpea

Fabulous bio! I too love to nap & exercise & (obviously) scrap. Thanks for the sneak preview of what it would be like to scrapbook if/when we have kids! See ya around!

Posted on: Saturday, 18 August 2007, 9:02am
Comment by: Scrap Evangel

Welcome to the 'hood and thanks so much for the comment on my lo. I enjoyed your bio. LOL!!

Posted on: Saturday, 18 August 2007, 5:51am
Comment by: Scrapnfor3

Hehe! Thanks for a good laugh this morning. Your bio epitomizes so many of our lives! Welcome to the 'hood!

Posted on: Saturday, 18 August 2007, 12:21am
Comment by: sjtowers

Your bio is hilarious!! Thanks for the friend request!! and welcome!!!

Posted on: Saturday, 18 August 2007, 12:20am
Comment by: spend2much

I couldn't get enough of u'r bio, especially about the way we talk 2 our kids.....u r just 2 real and I'm pleased 2 have u as a new friend and looking 4ward 2 getting 2 know u. Love u'r up front and to the point attitude.

Posted on: Friday, 17 August 2007, 11:26pm
Comment by: Ling-Ling

glad to have a new friend. your bio cracked me up- you sound like a kindred spirit. :)

Posted on: Friday, 17 August 2007, 5:05pm
Comment by: Mother Goose

Welcome to the neighborhood - I'm honored to add you to my friends list.

Posted on: Wednesday, 15 August 2007, 7:54pm
Comment by: akbear

Welcome ! :-D Luv the photo you have on your Profile Wow!

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