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Posted on: Saturday, 23 May 2009, 7:49am
Comment by: Love 2 Learn

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" To YOU!!!! Haven't heard from you for a while--hope you are doing OK~~Sherry

Posted on: Friday, 10 April 2009, 8:15am
Comment by: Love 2 Learn

A special prayer at Easter, that God will richly bless your heart, your home, and those you love, with lasting happiness. Have a joyous Easter and a beautiful Spring.~~~Sherry

Posted on: Wednesday, 24 December 2008, 6:41am
Comment by: cveira

Wishing you a merry Christmas and all the best for 2009.
Hugs, Christine

Posted on: Saturday, 20 December 2008, 5:38pm
Comment by: Love 2 Learn

Christmas Blessings to you & good health in the New Year!!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 9 December 2008, 7:48pm
Comment by: cveira

Just stopping by to say hello. Hugs, Christine

Posted on: Wednesday, 26 November 2008, 2:07pm
Comment by: Softbrn

Dropping by to say Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted on: Friday, 21 November 2008, 5:20am
Comment by: Softbrn

Good morning Melissa.. Glad to see you here!.. Thanks for hooking up with me...

Posted on: Wednesday, 9 July 2008, 8:55am
Comment by: Claudascraps

Hey there! I finally found some time to get back to this site and what do I've added some LOs. :) They are absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see your other ones...wink, wink!

Posted on: Wednesday, 25 June 2008, 6:38pm
Comment by: total chaos

Hi there! I saw you were a Texan and wanted to stop by to say hi. I onced lived in Norfolk when my dad was in the Navy then moved here to Texas.

Posted on: Wednesday, 11 June 2008, 10:28am
Comment by: Love 2 Learn

Hey Missy---you're it!!! Check out my blog to play!!!

Posted on: Thursday, 22 May 2008, 4:27pm
Comment by: Love 2 Learn

HI Melissa, Didn't want to miss the chance to wish my Friend a very "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"!!!!

Posted on: Saturday, 10 May 2008, 7:50pm
Comment by: muffydm

Hi! I see you are a missed placed Texan too! I"m from the DFW area and living in Canada. I hope to go back to TX soon! Have a super Sunday!

Posted on: Tuesday, 29 April 2008, 9:53am
Comment by: *Tricia*

Thanks for stopping by my gallery and leaving such a nice comment on my "The first time my heart broke" LO. I am so touched that so many people could relate. I hope you have a great day!

Posted on: Friday, 18 April 2008, 3:08pm
Comment by: riverroadrn

Good to meet you and glad you are hanging with us Virginia women for awhile. Susan A

Posted on: Tuesday, 15 April 2008, 1:47pm
Comment by: tjsmom59

they are just like kids...i have 2 here looking at me wondering when its time to eat!!

Posted on: Sunday, 13 April 2008, 6:52pm
Comment by: tjsmom59

Hey Melissa~~love your furbaby!!

Posted on: Sunday, 13 April 2008, 10:28am
Comment by: momof2lilboys

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments that you left for me in my gallery. Hope you have a great Sunday!

Posted on: Thursday, 3 April 2008, 12:44pm
Comment by: shortee66

Hi from a Texan now living out west of Chicago. I also have a shih tzhu. I love him dearly.

Posted on: Thursday, 6 March 2008, 8:33am
Comment by: scrapalooza

Hi! I am in McKinney, just north of Dallas.
We are having our crazy weather. It was 70 Sunday, snow Mon. 50 Tues. 60 Wed. now today, Thurs. it is 40 with possible snow again! :)

Posted on: Wednesday, 5 March 2008, 12:09pm
Comment by: scrapalooza

Hello from TX!

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