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Posted on: Tuesday, 6 September 2016, 4:32pm
Comment by: Jill

Welcome Abby and thanks so much for your comments. There are wonderful people working at Scrapbook.com and our user base is extraordinary too. I'm sure you'll fit right in. :)

Posted on: Monday, 5 September 2016, 2:41pm
Comment by: Abbie Knowles

This is a great website you have here! I'm new here and to scrap booking in general but seriously, I'm really impressed by what I've seen thus far!

Keep up the good work. :)

Posted on: Wednesday, 17 September 2014, 10:04am
Comment by: gina.anderson

Hi Jill. I used light corn syrup and extra fine glitter from hobby lobby. I poured the corn syrup into a measuring cup and added the glitter until I thought it looked good(I used quite a bit) and stirred then poured it into my bottles using a funnel(the neck openings on the bottles were narrow) and it looked great until the next day all the glitter accumulated to the top. My husband tried turning them upside down, but the same thing happened, it doesn't want to stay mixed(what did I do wrong?

Posted on: Tuesday, 16 September 2014, 9:39pm
Comment by: gina.anderson

Hi Jill. I found your glitter potion jar idea on pinterest and loved it, so I decided to try some myself. I followed your directions and it seems like the glitter is collecting at the top, about 98% of it :( Did I do something wrong? thanks

Posted on: Saturday, 26 July 2014, 8:07am
Comment by: Jedco

Hello Jill, Just a note to say our friend Linda, scrapperb2, had a procedure done in the Manchester hospital. She's at home now resting to regain her strength. Hopefully she'll be back here in a few weeks. Please keep her in your prayers, hugs, Joyce

Posted on: Wednesday, 30 April 2014, 3:36am
Comment by: bonprof

Hi Jill, just wanted to say hi and thank you for this amazing website! I love it here. Thanks, Donna

Posted on: Monday, 17 February 2014, 3:35pm
Comment by: jorganne

Thanks Jill. I'll take your advice. I've got to keep boxing when time allows I'm having overflow into my other rooms and that does bug me.

Posted on: Thursday, 2 January 2014, 5:05am
Comment by: nanalovesyou

Happy New Year Jill! I wanted to tell you that I just finished your Get Organized in 27 weeks! Wow, what a difference this class has made in my "studio"!
I cannot even begin to imagine how much time, sweat and tears that it took to write this course! Thank you to each and every person that had a hand in it, from the bottom of my heart!
I did take pic's of before and after shots, and continue in taking shots of any new ideas that I add to my studio.
Thank you! joyce

Posted on: Monday, 4 November 2013, 10:24pm
Comment by: justartguy007

Thanks you for looking at my gallery. Especially comment on my Joesph and Mary layout. Very kind of you to look at it.

Posted on: Tuesday, 30 July 2013, 3:51pm
Comment by: teresatjp

Please help. I realize I needed to save all the organizing info and I deleted them from my email. Is there anyway I can go back and save these? Thx so much. Teresa

Posted on: Friday, 7 June 2013, 3:07pm
Comment by: chez49

hi there jill hope all is well, just a query, some of my friends here have mentioned a newsletter, and wondering how one is able to receive the same. Is it through email would love to know, hugs chez

Posted on: Sunday, 7 April 2013, 2:57pm
Comment by: Lauri D

Hi Jill, I'm not much of a scrap-"lifter", but I finally found a design on page 108 of the Paper Therapy - Lifted Idea Book by Michelle Meisenbach I got back in Dec 2011. It came in handy. Thank you!

Posted on: Sunday, 3 March 2013, 5:38am
Comment by: meekbs05

This site has been fun, new to it! Would like to find some freinds close to North Canton, Ohio area.

Posted on: Friday, 15 February 2013, 9:27pm

hi, Jill... I discovered Scrapbook.com a couple of weeks ago & I LOVE it! this place is amazing! you have created an incredible experience... thank you! have a wonderful weekend!

Posted on: Friday, 3 August 2012, 8:13am
Comment by: ColorRhythmz

Hi Jill, Thank you so much for letting me know that my layout was in the newletter...This was my very FIRST layout and yes i received the newsletter in my email and was so excited to see it!! I'm so so honored....a big hug!!
Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful place(Scrapbook.com) where there is oodles of talent and wonderful people to meet....I am just loving it!!
Thanks and have a great day!!...Farheen.

Posted on: Thursday, 2 August 2012, 7:11pm
Comment by: Lost Coast Scrapper

Hi Jill, Thanks so much for your gallery hugs and for letting me know about the being in the newsletter, I'm so honored and excited to see the newsletter!! Hugs, Karen

Posted on: Thursday, 2 August 2012, 11:56am
Comment by: Jill

You're welcome, and thanks for your kind comments and contributions Renea.

Posted on: Thursday, 2 August 2012, 11:51am
Comment by: reneabouquets

Hi Jill!! Thank you for including my Live Mini Album in the newsletter! I am completely thrilled and honored :) BTW, thanks for founding such an amazing venue where we can all enjoy each others work! This place is so inspirational and I love getting to be a part of it. ~Renea

Posted on: Wednesday, 1 August 2012, 7:05pm
Comment by: karen shady

Hi Jill.... Im excited that my work will be in the newsletter. Could you tell me how I can see it, I dont get the newsletter, as I didnt even realise you had one :) Is it sent via email, or can I see it here on Scrapbook.com..

Thanks again

Karen Shady

Posted on: Wednesday, 1 August 2012, 9:08am
Comment by: Heather J. Landry

Thanks for letting me know that my layout will be in the newsletter, Jill! I can't wait to see the newsletter.

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