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Posted on: Tuesday, 5 February 2013, 7:09am
Comment by: jenniferd1009

Hi there, Thanks so much for leaving love in my gallery. I really appreciate you stoping by to comment. OMG! I totally have to look into this swirlydoos thing! Your stuff looks awesome! Have a lovely week! Cheers, Jen = )

Posted on: Sunday, 6 January 2013, 12:17pm
Comment by: Mia1979

thanks for the love

Posted on: Friday, 4 January 2013, 9:33pm
Comment by: featherrs

Thank you so much for the gallery visit!!! Lisa

Posted on: Saturday, 3 November 2012, 5:53am
Comment by: KimKV

That dog in profile picture is absolutely gorgeous!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 5 June 2012, 4:00pm
Comment by: AmyWho

Thank you very much for your nice comment on my beehive layout :)

Posted on: Tuesday, 5 June 2012, 6:05am
Comment by: AmyWho

Thank you file the nice comment in my gallery!

Posted on: Friday, 25 May 2012, 9:11pm
Comment by: SheilaMarie

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such nice comments on my Chocolate page! HAve agreat weekend! Sheila

Posted on: Tuesday, 15 May 2012, 12:02pm
Comment by: SheilaMarie

Thanks so much for the vist :)) Sheila

Posted on: Thursday, 10 May 2012, 4:15pm
Comment by: dsatter

Hi..thank you for the lovely comment on my PINK challenge lo; greatly appreciated! With the weekend looming ahead, hope you have a great one! Delores xox

Posted on: Saturday, 28 April 2012, 2:45pm
Comment by: JackeetheGreat

Thank you for the love on my Kissin' Mama layout!

Posted on: Tuesday, 27 March 2012, 1:58pm
Comment by: nkaigle

Hello! A very humble and very belated thank you for the lovely comment on my "The Gilded Age" layout!.....Natalie

Posted on: Thursday, 22 March 2012, 2:06pm
Comment by: joydee1963

Thanks so much for comment on my Dad's lo,"Irish Boy"Have a great evening,Joy

Posted on: Wednesday, 21 March 2012, 9:23pm
Comment by: happy go lucky

thanks so much for checking out "growing up". I appreciate your nice compliments, Vickie

Posted on: Tuesday, 20 March 2012, 7:27am
Comment by: NYScrapMOM

Thank you for stopping by my gallery and commenting on my Memories of Having Fun layout! ~amanda

Posted on: Tuesday, 20 March 2012, 3:44am
Comment by: joydee1963

Thanks for your sweet comment on my Feeling french lo,Have a great week,Joy

Posted on: Monday, 19 March 2012, 2:22pm
Comment by: Cricut OCD

Hi again! Thanks for visiting again and checking out Lil Bit. He's so crazy! I hope you have a great week. Hugs, Rochelle

Posted on: Friday, 16 March 2012, 10:51pm
Comment by: Cricut OCD

Hi! Thanks so much for the visit to Fritz's lo! I really appreciate your nice comments! Hope you have a fun weekend. Rochelle

Posted on: Monday, 12 March 2012, 10:44pm
Comment by: dsatter

I love your avi!! Thank you very much for the sweet comment on my New red barn lo; so appreciated! Delores xox

Posted on: Monday, 5 March 2012, 2:06pm
Comment by: memoriesofmygirls

Thanks for the hugs!!!!!!

Posted on: Monday, 30 January 2012, 11:06am
Comment by: grandma_sue

Somebody stole your dogs??? Yikes!

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