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Posted on: Monday, 24 February 2014, 12:23pm
Comment by: joshking582

hi Deana B

Posted on: Monday, 20 August 2012, 6:51am
Comment by: MarciLB

oh--it doesnt say where are!!!oh well! is positively gorgeous!!! thanks for sharing!

Posted on: Monday, 9 July 2012, 2:22pm
Comment by: pamela.tx

Thank you for adding me as a friend! :)

Posted on: Wednesday, 23 May 2012, 9:43am
Comment by: JoJorenee

Thanks for the journal tip Deana I tried it on my "That's My Boy" layout, I didn't try a long one yet but like you said practice!

Posted on: Sunday, 13 May 2012, 10:19pm
Comment by: micupoftea

Hi there...hope Mothers Day was special :)

Posted on: Saturday, 12 May 2012, 1:05pm
Comment by: Dixie Leah

Hi Deana. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments you left for me on my page "Never Forgotten." You are right , I felt really good after I did this page. I am making a family album so I will be making more for Michael. Thank you again and please know how much your words are appreciated. Have a fantastic week end'

Posted on: Thursday, 3 May 2012, 6:32pm
Comment by: dnurse

Hi Deana! TFSB! I appreciate the visit! Donna

Posted on: Friday, 16 March 2012, 11:09am
Comment by: scrapsnstuf

Morning, thx so much for the visit to my hand & hand lo! I appreciate it! Natalie

Posted on: Thursday, 15 March 2012, 3:50pm
Comment by: dnurse

Hi Deana! Thanks for those great comments! Yep, I got the kit from Nikki Sivils! Love her stuff & love what you do with her stuff! Have a great weekend! Donna

Posted on: Saturday, 17 December 2011, 10:38am
Comment by: Patricia Roebuck

Thanks for the comment about my gallery. Loving yours too! Beautiful colors!

Posted on: Friday, 23 September 2011, 10:50am
Comment by: madscrappertoo..

Thanks so much for the hugs!! Gabriella

Posted on: Monday, 5 September 2011, 1:24pm
Comment by: dnurse

Thanks for the nice comment! Donna :)

Happy labor Day!

Posted on: Saturday, 3 September 2011, 5:40pm
Comment by: lalscrap

hey deana!!! so glad to se you too!!

Posted on: Thursday, 1 September 2011, 10:30pm
Comment by: KellyCreates

Hi Deana! Thank you for the gallery love! Your new pages are awesome!! Hope you're having a wonderful week...TGIF :) Cheers, Kelly

Posted on: Monday, 25 July 2011, 2:17am
Comment by: ozzyvik

Thanks so much for your lovely visit, have a great week :)

Posted on: Monday, 25 July 2011, 1:11am
Comment by: dnurse

Thanks for the nice comment! Donna

Posted on: Thursday, 16 June 2011, 3:51pm
Comment by: 6ta

Just wanted to say hello...

Posted on: Thursday, 9 June 2011, 8:18am
Comment by: madscrappertoo..

Thank you for stopping in with you sweeet comment. Appreciate it. Gabriella

Posted on: Tuesday, 7 June 2011, 8:55pm
Comment by: navseawife

Love the new avatar picture so darned pretty!

Posted on: Wednesday, 1 June 2011, 2:52pm
Comment by: dnurse

Thanks so much for the sweet words on my "cutie Pie' lo! Donna

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