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Posted on: Friday, 24 December 2010, 4:13am
Comment by: SuperAllyFan

Have a wonderful Christmas!
Kim xx

Posted on: Thursday, 23 December 2010, 11:31am
Comment by: Luzma

I wish you a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year my dear friend!!!

Posted on: Monday, 6 December 2010, 9:06am
Comment by: HDrider

Thank you Bonnie Jean! Your granddaughter is gorgeous. My grandson will be two in March.

Posted on: Monday, 23 August 2010, 9:50am
Comment by: NVyankee

Hi Bonnie --- thansk for all the love -- Borscht is cold beet soup topped with sour cream. I'm not a beet fan and never had a it before. But in Russia do as the Russians. It really was pretty good. as you can tell I'm a pretty adventuresome eater.

Posted on: Sunday, 4 April 2010, 6:22am
Comment by: HDrider

Thanks for your kind comments! That sure is an adorable baby in your profile photo.

Posted on: Sunday, 31 January 2010, 7:24pm
Comment by: CatScrapsHere

Just checking to see if you're ok. hugs!

Posted on: Sunday, 27 September 2009, 7:24am
Comment by: slywalker

Bonnie just want to thank you so much for your support and really lovely comments on my layouts...cheers and tks Lesley

Posted on: Sunday, 30 August 2009, 6:59pm
Comment by: Scrapbook Queen

Thank you for all the comments on my wedding lo's!! Have a great day!

Posted on: Tuesday, 21 July 2009, 8:36pm
Comment by: chawly cat


Posted on: Tuesday, 21 July 2009, 8:34pm
Comment by: chawly cat

thank-you for the great comments ! thank you for looking:)

Posted on: Saturday, 11 April 2009, 1:53pm
Comment by: grandma_sue

Thanks soooo much for stopping by my gallery and leaving me such sweet comments!!!

Posted on: Monday, 16 March 2009, 8:14pm
Comment by: OMGITSEMILY074

I am Emily.. and yes I am alwayssss busy!!! Great to have u as a friend!!

Posted on: Monday, 16 March 2009, 8:12pm
Comment by: OMGITSEMILY074

thanks for the add and the gallery love!

Posted on: Tuesday, 23 December 2008, 2:05pm
Comment by: Scrapper from NY

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year girlie!

Posted on: Sunday, 21 December 2008, 8:25am
Comment by: Shellsurfer

Thanks for stopping by my gallery!

Posted on: Saturday, 13 December 2008, 6:02am
Comment by: The Paper Bakery

Thanks for stopping by my gallery! LOVE your purple Iris!

Posted on: Monday, 3 November 2008, 8:37pm
Comment by: luckynewmom

your lil princess is super duper cute. what a great gift from God.
i apologize if i didnt visit this page for such a very long time. im such a busy mom. But i will always check you out at yahoo messenger. God bless.
always in my thoughts bonnie.

Posted on: Monday, 29 September 2008, 6:33am
Comment by: Kel3

are you doing the cj for ayers

Posted on: Tuesday, 23 September 2008, 9:58pm
Comment by: luckynewmom

Hello my friend Bonnie,
How are you doing ? Hope you had a great weekend with your babies.
I just want you to know that i was so happy to chat with you. hope we could do that again some time soon. Always here thinking of you and loving you.

Hugs from Japan ~ Milz

Posted on: Sunday, 14 September 2008, 4:51pm
Comment by: luckynewmom

dearest bonnie !!
congratulations on your grandchild !!! what a wonderful blessing.
i sent you an email and an iteractive birthday card on your birthday. i know you read it already.
i hope you are doin' fine and that everything is great with u and the whole family. i am so inactive here, cant really find the time lately. But you are always in my thoughts. im online at yahoo when im free from my chores and i hope we could talk some time.
i miss you my friend.
xx Milz

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