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Posted on: Friday, 9 September 2011, 9:06am
Comment by: katlace2009

I met you folks at the Chantilly Convention and purchased this Acrylic album. Just adored the Mariposa Papers by DCWV and put together a Mariposa Purse Album for my daughter for her birthday. Thanks for such great ideas and the class at GASC.

Posted on: Thursday, 1 April 2010, 9:06am
Comment by: Clear Scraps

New Spring Posts up now. Stop by and check them out. Super fun projects!

Posted on: Saturday, 17 October 2009, 12:10pm
Comment by: Clear Scraps

I just posted 2 new projects on my blog!! Check them, one is just in time for Halloween!!! FUN, FUN, FUN!! Clear Scraps

Posted on: Thursday, 18 December 2008, 7:42am
Comment by: lilmrmaid

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Posted on: Wednesday, 26 November 2008, 11:43pm
Comment by: desilu3131

Happy Thanksgiving! =}

Posted on: Saturday, 16 August 2008, 12:39pm
Comment by: lilmrmaid

Just stopping by to say hi and hope you have a great weekend.

Posted on: Sunday, 10 August 2008, 3:35am
Comment by: Katgurl72

Just dropping by to say hello!!

Posted on: Thursday, 31 July 2008, 10:31pm
Comment by: bobbij

Just love all the new build and album idea and new lg sizes too! Can't wait to try one of these!

Posted on: Thursday, 19 June 2008, 9:10am
Comment by: Bear2739

i was also wondering if you had anymore pictures of your disney album i could see. and what did you uses as adhesive so it didnt show through from page to page?? thanks

Posted on: Wednesday, 18 June 2008, 10:27am
Comment by: kristiejow

I love the Clear Disney album. Do you have anymore pics anywhere??

Posted on: Wednesday, 14 May 2008, 6:11pm
Comment by: Bballmom

It was wonderful seeing your awesome products at the Mega Meet in Novi, MI and I appreciate your help getting me set with my word album. I'm really looking forward to making my "Paris" acrylic word album. I bought some paper today and the owner of my LSS was so excited to see the album. I sure hope your words pages end up at my LSS. I will probably be making many different word albums in the future!

Posted on: Friday, 25 April 2008, 12:57pm
Comment by: chcknwoman

I am just floored by all of the great things in your gallery! What a great job you have done! Thanks for sharing!

Posted on: Thursday, 24 April 2008, 9:38pm
Comment by: desilu3131

Loved looking through your gallery!! :o}

Posted on: Monday, 7 April 2008, 1:06am
Comment by: scrapam

I LOVED going through your gallery!! LOVE the mini-albums. Do you sell 'time' too??? I'm about half finished w/ my first--a combo of chipboard & acrylic pgs--so much fun!!! Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff!!!

Posted on: Saturday, 12 January 2008, 9:05am
Comment by: KellyCali

Welcome to!...Loving all the projects posted so far and look forward to what is still yet to come! :)

Posted on: Monday, 7 January 2008, 2:29am
Comment by: Katgurl72

hi and welcome to SB!! I love your gallery and your products...there way cool!!!

Posted on: Saturday, 5 January 2008, 8:47am
Comment by: muffydm

Hi! Welcome to this crazy place that is soooo addictive!! Stop by myplace anytime for a chat. Have a super weekend!

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