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Posted on: Monday, 30 September 2013, 10:28am
Comment by: LynneJ

hi there and thanks so much for the nice comment on my "Fried Green Tomatoes" layout; I never get tired of that awesome movie! Have a super week...Lynne :)

Posted on: Sunday, 22 September 2013, 7:51pm
Comment by: bonprof

Stopped by your gallery. Enjoyed your profile! Have a great day!

Posted on: Sunday, 22 September 2013, 9:16am
Comment by: ampmdoodles

Great to get the sweet comment on my Applause LO! Thanks!

Posted on: Saturday, 21 September 2013, 10:20pm
Comment by: ozmagi

hi susan. thank you so much for the lovely visit and your amazing comment you left in my gallery it is so apprecaite it... you have a procjet life book done already with your day per day writting in you agenda... love this some times with picture and sometimes with text only awesome done girl... have a wonderful rest of the weekend. hugs magi

Posted on: Tuesday, 17 September 2013, 1:18am
Comment by: klweist

Susan, I just looked through your gallery and read your about me page. I love your style of scrapping, each page is so meaningful and fun. I am also a bookworm though I am a self-proclaimed nerd :) With your journaling, have you ever thought of getting into Smashbooks or using their elements? It is really cute stuff. Good luck in your adventure in conceiving. I pray God will bless you with a little bundle.

Posted on: Friday, 16 August 2013, 6:29pm
Comment by: Scrapnut16

I haven't been on here in a long time. Couldn't even remember my password. I really want to start scrapping again. It's been at least 3 years since I've scrapped. Maybe getting back on here will get my scrappy juices flowing.

Posted on: Saturday, 24 July 2010, 8:05am
Comment by: scrappinmomto2girls

Hey!! How r ya???

Posted on: Saturday, 22 May 2010, 6:28am

Hi Susan! I just wanted to drop by and see how you're doing. I hope good! :)

Posted on: Tuesday, 11 August 2009, 11:20am
Comment by: Cracrop

Hi Susan! Long time no see! Hope everything is ok. :)

Posted on: Friday, 24 July 2009, 3:17am
Comment by: Kimberly Rae Cole

Just checking in on my scrap nut... hope all is well...

Posted on: Monday, 15 June 2009, 5:16pm
Comment by: scrapinbabygal

happy birthday

Posted on: Monday, 15 June 2009, 11:25am
Comment by: Vivian loves BLING

Happy birthday!

Posted on: Monday, 15 June 2009, 8:19am
Comment by: BlingPrincessMarci


Posted on: Friday, 1 May 2009, 12:31am
Comment by: JenButler

Hi! Thanks so much for the gallery love . . . It made my day! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! ~Jen

Posted on: Wednesday, 15 April 2009, 7:35pm
Comment by: Brenshevia

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my gallery and showing me some love. You are welcome anytime :-). Have a great evening

Posted on: Wednesday, 15 April 2009, 1:04pm
Comment by: grandma_sue

Hello! Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated stopping by my gallery and leaving me a sweet comment!! You made my day!

Posted on: Monday, 13 April 2009, 5:13pm
Comment by: jaimej

thanks so much for the comment on my christmas cuties lo

Posted on: Monday, 13 April 2009, 12:59pm
Comment by: jaimej

thanks for the comments on my christmas cuties lo.

Posted on: Wednesday, 8 April 2009, 7:32pm
Comment by: raindancer

Thanks so much for taking a minute to check out my newer LOs and leaving some love behind. I really appreciate all of the encouragement. Cheers!

Posted on: Monday, 6 April 2009, 6:20pm
Comment by: Mimi2Alissa

Thanks for the comment on our all star! Have a great week!

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