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Posted on: Sunday, 11 March 2012, 4:07pm
Comment by: SQ Mandi

Hey..havent seen you in a long time. Hope all is well.

Posted on: Wednesday, 23 February 2011, 9:06pm
Comment by: jwood0359

Hi Cindy, how are you this evening?

Posted on: Friday, 5 November 2010, 12:32pm
Comment by: theellenbee

If you are okay please let us know. We are worried about your MIA status.

Posted on: Thursday, 21 October 2010, 6:22pm
Comment by: DKravec

Hi Cindy. I understand you're having computer problems but if you happen to check in can you please let me know what is going on with your basket. Have you mailed it out yet. The swap's due date was yesterday so I'm just trying to finish up. Thanks.

Posted on: Sunday, 17 October 2010, 1:42pm
Comment by: scrappy grandma

hi cindy, just stopped in to say hello, and how ar you.
checked out your gallery , loved the new lo!
have a wonderful day, hugs,joan

Posted on: Tuesday, 5 October 2010, 5:23pm
Comment by: crafty lefty

Hi Cindy glad to hear from you and know that you are well! This is Toccara

Posted on: Sunday, 26 September 2010, 3:33pm
Comment by: scrappy grandma

hi cindy, how are you doing, love all the new things in your gallery, we just got home from camping, it was fun because my dd came down with hubby and dgc..
they keep me going, loved being down there but i got home sick. have a nice week, god bless you, left some hugs for you. joan

Posted on: Monday, 20 September 2010, 5:20pm
Comment by: bigbshaking

Your comments on my bridal shower card were soooo kind! I made them for my niece's shower. I'm doing the decorating for her wedding and shower and tend to go a little crazy sometimes! I L*O*V*E decorating wether it's lo's or walls!

Posted on: Friday, 1 January 2010, 5:13am
Comment by: Rusha

Great to see you back Cindy, I missed you. So sorry you had to deal with health issues and hope you are feeling better. xox

Posted on: Wednesday, 23 December 2009, 10:57am
Comment by: SQ Mandi

Stopping by to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Posted on: Thursday, 29 October 2009, 5:32pm
Comment by: Otomon

It's great to see you back Cindy! Be well! - Michelle :)

Posted on: Saturday, 11 April 2009, 7:40pm
Comment by: scrappy grandma


Posted on: Friday, 13 March 2009, 10:17am
Comment by: Adriann

Hello Cindy,

Please PM me. Thx!

Posted on: Saturday, 14 February 2009, 7:31am
Comment by: scrapbrarian

Happy Valentine's Day Sister!
Hugs ~

Posted on: Thursday, 12 February 2009, 11:04am
Comment by: scrappy grandma

hi cindy,
hope you are feeling much better, just stopped mt to say thank you for your beautiful card, thank you so much! hugs, joan

Posted on: Tuesday, 27 January 2009, 10:40am
Comment by: scrappy grandma

hi cindy, just wanted to stop bye and sy hello love the nw you and the gallery, left some hugs for you.
have a wonderful day, hugs joan

Posted on: Monday, 26 January 2009, 10:36am
Comment by: Desperate-Housewife

WOWZA! I LOVE your new look! You didn't tell me you were getting a makeover.

Posted on: Tuesday, 20 January 2009, 7:46am
Comment by: pursemommie

How are you doing??? I hope you are getting better and taking it easy. XOXo Lavona

Posted on: Monday, 19 January 2009, 5:28pm
Comment by: ScrapHappyInVegas

Hi Cindy! I hope you have been feeling better. I just wanted to say thanks for hosting the custom inchie swap and wanted to show you what I did with mine... see if you can find yours! Hope all is well! Here's the link:

Posted on: Friday, 16 January 2009, 12:25pm
Comment by: scrappy grandma

hi cindy sorry i haven't been bye, but now i want to say love the new work in your gallery, really love the paper bag album, have a wonderful weekend, hugs, joan

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