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Posted on: Thursday, 14 May 2009, 9:20pm
Comment by: rissdesigns

Posting my latest card collection! Available thru facebook!

Posted on: Tuesday, 30 December 2008, 1:59pm
Comment by: Gabigabs

H ours of happy times with friends and family
A bundant time for relaxation
P rosperity
P lenty of love when you need it the most
Y outhful excitement at lifes simple pleasures

N ights of restful slumber (you know - dont' worry be happy)
E verything you need
W ishing you love and light

Y ears and years of good health
E njoyment and mirth
A angels to watch over you
R embrances of a happy years!

Posted on: Sunday, 21 December 2008, 10:15pm
Comment by: Gabigabs

Stopping by to wish you and all your family a
very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Posted on: Friday, 31 October 2008, 11:43am
Comment by: ChrissyTina

Happy Halloween!!!

Posted on: Friday, 22 August 2008, 2:26pm
Comment by: Aunt25

just a quick stop in to wish you a wonderful weekend!

Posted on: Wednesday, 9 July 2008, 4:04pm
Comment by: DittoBabyGirl

Thanks for the friend request and the card tip! I want to make Christmas cards this year so I figured I'd start looking for ideas. I'm gonna check out that site too :-) Have a great day!

Posted on: Friday, 27 June 2008, 4:49pm
Comment by: dkscrapper

HI just stop by to say I hope you have a great weekend!

Posted on: Friday, 20 June 2008, 1:53pm
Comment by: Gabigabs

Just stopping by to wish you a great first day of summer!


Posted on: Monday, 16 June 2008, 8:32pm
Comment by: Raquel in N.S

OMG , that was funny, your right though. "The boy in the box"!!!

Posted on: Sunday, 15 June 2008, 8:19pm
Comment by: bobbij

Hi thanks for visiting my gallery and leaving such nice comments!!!!!
Means so much coming from you!!!!

Posted on: Sunday, 8 June 2008, 2:46pm
Comment by: dkscrapper

Hi, I know a new job can really tire you out at first. It sounds like you will really have a wonderful time on your camping trip in August. It's been years since I have been camping. My step-father had a house at Lake Texoma. I spent a lot of time up there. I hated it. I loved the lake - not so much the step-family thing. I was so glad we I was old enough to stay home alone!
Me and dh went to the drag races Fri. night. I made a couple of cards. I need to finish a couple of layouts I started so I am going to try and do that this afternoon. So, my weekend hasn't been to bad. I wanted to go to a Scrapbook Convention that was here but I thought it went through today and it ended yesterday. I will try again next year.
I hope your weekend has been a good one.

Posted on: Monday, 2 June 2008, 2:05pm
Comment by: dkscrapper

HI! It's always nice to spend time with a friend. I didn't get to much done over the weekend. I sorted some pictures and worked on a couple of layouts. Our computer crashed not to long ago and we lost a lot of pictures. We have backup but not for all of them. I have to re-scan some of the old photos and I have a stack of others to scan and try and work on my BOM. I'm trying to do layouts of all my family because my son didn't get to know many of them. I was a late in life "surprise" for my parents so everyone was (is) a lot older than me. Then I need to start on my husbands family. I have plenty to keep me busy it's just actually sitting done and getting it done.
I hope the rest of today is a good one for you!

Posted on: Monday, 2 June 2008, 12:33pm
Comment by: light

Hi! Thanks for all the comments you've left in gallery. :)


Posted on: Sunday, 1 June 2008, 7:53pm
Comment by: dkscrapper

Hi I hope you had a good weekend with your Mother. Did you get some Christmas photos to scrap? I don't have many. The lo that I have in my gallery was pictures from a movie and my cousin made still photos for us.

Posted on: Thursday, 29 May 2008, 4:02pm
Comment by: SatinRose

Thank you for the comment on my first card.

Posted on: Thursday, 29 May 2008, 8:34am
Comment by: dkscrapper

Thank you for the comment on my 1954 Christmas lo. The 50's were sure different than today. My dh listens to 50's, 40's and 30's music.

Posted on: Wednesday, 28 May 2008, 5:04pm
Comment by: scrap24/7

welcome to the neighborhood......... it's a great place to meet and make new friends and be inspired........... thank you for visiting and the great comment on my 3 flowers card......... have a great day...... keep scrappin'....

Posted on: Wednesday, 28 May 2008, 4:32pm
Comment by: ChrissyTina

Thanks for the comment on my card. I wanted to keep it masculine yet simple. :)

Posted on: Wednesday, 28 May 2008, 8:47am
Comment by: Linnny

Hello and thanks for stopping by my gallery. Yes, the flourish card you viewed was done with rubberstamps. They are the clear stamps so one can connect the flourishes and the word 'love' easily. Have an awesome day!!!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 27 May 2008, 2:20pm
Comment by: dkscrapper

Hi, welcome to sb.com. I think you will really like it here. I am looking forward to getting to know you. Have a great day! Donna

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