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Posted on: Wednesday, 16 December 2009, 10:00am
Comment by: Mo_N_Jo

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Posted on: Thursday, 16 October 2008, 7:57pm
Comment by: OhScrapit!

Hi. just wanted to say- Your work is Beautiful. your very talented.

Posted on: Friday, 3 October 2008, 9:55am
Comment by: erica9221

how are you? just saying hello!!xoxo

Posted on: Sunday, 4 May 2008, 12:14am
Comment by: micupoftea

Enjoyed your gallery! Love your Los. :-)

Posted on: Friday, 21 March 2008, 7:36am
Comment by: mars4554

Evening my friend! I'm tagging you! These are the rules.... each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their My Place Blog. People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of their blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment. [Delete]

Posted on: Saturday, 15 March 2008, 5:03pm
Comment by: JBeans

Oooh, that is so good to hear that you are finding a good home for your digi designs. Well deserved!
Thanks for the drive by in the gallery, been busy with Prima. Working on their DT! So excited and so grateful! Yeee!

Posted on: Friday, 7 March 2008, 6:57am
Comment by: JBeans

You are back! Oooh, nice to see you!

Posted on: Monday, 3 March 2008, 6:53pm
Comment by: Scrappin-Debbi

Looked and loved your gallery.

Posted on: Saturday, 1 March 2008, 6:57am
Comment by: mazuntex

Another Canadian signing in after a long time. i see you've had a major crisis in your llife since we last were in touch. Hope things are getting more or less back to normal for you. You've got some great freebie stuff for copying in your gallery. Going to start a for downloads?
I'm still in Thailand for one more month and then off sailing the Indian Ocean all the way to Greece April/May. I can hardly wait. Sure beats shovelling snow!

Posted on: Thursday, 21 February 2008, 9:29pm
Comment by: Sharnie

Hi there! You have been tagged! Please see my blog! :D

Posted on: Saturday, 16 February 2008, 3:14am
Comment by: scrapam


Posted on: Sunday, 10 February 2008, 7:48am
Comment by: scrappinmint

Love your gallery and all of your products you've created. You do wonderful work!! Are your kits and papers available to purchase anywhere yet? I'd love to have some of them.

Posted on: Tuesday, 5 February 2008, 12:54am
Comment by: Natalie C.

I love your gallery. Love your creations, and your pictures are stunning.

Posted on: Wednesday, 23 January 2008, 8:00am
Comment by: pajamarama

You have a wonderful gallery! Have a great day.

Posted on: Wednesday, 23 January 2008, 5:55am
Comment by: erica9221

So good to see ya girly!!! love the qp and your creations!!! gosh, you're awesome!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 22 January 2008, 8:46pm
Comment by: Rodeeogrl

LINDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy to see you check in! I sure have missed you and your beautiful inspiring work! Please tell me you are somewhat close to moving back into your home???? I think of you often, and your family is in my prayers! P.S. How ya liking that H2??????

Posted on: Monday, 21 January 2008, 8:40pm
Comment by: MarKaren

Fab gallery you have there! I love it all. Do you sell your digi kits? Amazing work.

Posted on: Wednesday, 16 January 2008, 6:23pm
Comment by: bcnatty

Hey, just dropped by and spent some time in your do great work!! It's always nice to meet another Canadian here!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 1 January 2008, 8:52pm
Comment by: Scrappy Nan

happy scrappy new year. :)

Posted on: Monday, 31 December 2007, 5:14pm
Comment by: JBeans

Hey my dear! Long time no see! Have a great New Year!

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