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Posted on: Thursday, 29 December 2011, 1:36pm
Comment by: Adriann

Stopping by to say hello. It's been a while since I've been on the site. Love your newest projects...gorgeous!

Posted on: Thursday, 5 May 2011, 8:42pm
Comment by: scrappinmomto2girls

hey girl how r ya???

Posted on: Thursday, 18 November 2010, 11:47am
Comment by: elainearora

Hi, Thanks for leaving such nice comments on my lo, it made me so happy! Have a great day!~Elaine

Posted on: Thursday, 21 October 2010, 10:30pm
Comment by: Cherise129

Thanks April for the Verve website recommendation! They have such beautiful stamps and a good selection! I will definitely be picking up a couple! Blessings to you :)

Posted on: Saturday, 18 September 2010, 10:53am
Comment by: maggiemae0907

Stopped by your gallery today also - you are so talented! Love your pretty things :)

Posted on: Saturday, 24 July 2010, 8:04am
Comment by: scrappinmomto2girls

Hey!! How r ya!!!!

Posted on: Friday, 4 June 2010, 9:35am
Comment by: Scrapnut16

Hi April! Just saw your comment. I am doing well, just very busy. Lots of changes at work...trying to keep up with it all. I hope you're doing well! I miss our group.

Posted on: Sunday, 30 May 2010, 11:10pm
Comment by: Adriann

A house full of boys.

Posted on: Friday, 28 May 2010, 9:45pm
Comment by: scrappinmomto2girls

Hey girl! How r ya!!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 25 May 2010, 9:43pm
Comment by: Croppin4Christ

Hey, yes..things are going about as good as they can. How are you and yours doing?

Posted on: Monday, 24 May 2010, 9:58pm
Comment by: Adriann

You've been one busy lady! Love all of your cards!! Thanks for stopping by. I'm doing well as I prepare for baby number 3. I'm so ready to have this one. :) Enjoy your week!

Posted on: Friday, 16 April 2010, 9:21pm
Comment by: scrappinmomto2girls

hey girl! how r ya??

Posted on: Friday, 9 April 2010, 7:35am
Comment by: brandyradio

I love your scripture cards. What did you use for the scripture?

Posted on: Sunday, 24 January 2010, 10:56am
Comment by: Croppin4Christ

Hey girl, how are you doing?

Posted on: Thursday, 17 December 2009, 3:48am
Comment by: Mo_N_Jo

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

Posted on: Monday, 14 December 2009, 3:35am
Comment by: betty1


Posted on: Wednesday, 16 September 2009, 12:11am
Comment by: micupoftea

Hi APril! Love the new LO~ Happy Wednesday~shawn

Posted on: Wednesday, 9 September 2009, 11:38pm
Comment by: micupoftea

TFSB to comment on Count The Waves! :)

Posted on: Friday, 28 August 2009, 6:34pm
Comment by: happyDiane

See ya been doing some dreaming! Love some of the cool stamps that you like!

Posted on: Thursday, 30 July 2009, 8:14pm
Comment by: Adriann

Stopping by to say hello!

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