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Posted on: Tuesday, 8 March 2011, 11:00pm
Comment by: flowersfalling

Thank-you for your comment, YOU noticed the butterflies. I didn't see them until they were posted!

Posted on: Friday, 25 February 2011, 10:19am
Comment by: love2becreative

Good Morning, I just took a stroll thru your gallery! Such beautiful creations! Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Terri

Posted on: Thursday, 17 February 2011, 3:53pm
Comment by: laceyKat

I love your gallery!!! It is full of so much beauty!!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 16 February 2011, 8:32am
Comment by: madonnaa

wow, you sure added some beautiful cards to your gallery today. such talent!! have a good one.........D

Posted on: Wednesday, 24 February 2010, 7:07pm
Comment by: scrappy grandma

hi kristen,
just stopped in to say hello and i went to your blog space sending you a pm. hugs joan

Posted on: Saturday, 20 February 2010, 10:24am
Comment by: scrappy grandma

hi sweetie, just wanted to say have a great day, god bless and hugs, joan

Posted on: Sunday, 14 February 2010, 7:18pm
Comment by: sarahj

You're welcome! It's adorable!
You have amazing work!

Posted on: Sunday, 14 February 2010, 4:21pm
Comment by: scrappy grandma

hi kristin,
how are you doing today and happy valentine's day.
thank you for getting my card over for last month. am working on the new one.
i still can't figure out all the new stuff.
have a wonderful week. god bless and love joan

Posted on: Thursday, 11 February 2010, 12:38pm
Comment by: gramak8e

I think I am going to cancel all my magazine subscriptions and just check out your gallery when I need insipiration. Amazing, gorgeous and so creative. If you ever care to share your secrets, let me know first.

Posted on: Tuesday, 9 February 2010, 10:18pm
Comment by: twoboysforme

Your work is spectacular. Thanks for sharing your beautiful projects.

Posted on: Monday, 8 February 2010, 10:26am
Comment by: navseawife

Kristin I can't thank you enough for my wonderful package! I LOVE the can you decorated its so gorgeous!

Posted on: Tuesday, 2 February 2010, 3:50am
Comment by: scrappy grandma

hi sweetie, just wanted to stop by and say hello and missed you all. love the boxes i did those too. but had trouble getting them to stay together, i used pop dots, your are great what glue did you use.
i was wondering if we used the large pad and big card stock if they can be made bigger yet,

have a wonderful week, god bless and hugs, joan

Posted on: Friday, 29 January 2010, 6:47pm
Comment by: pjangel

hello Kristin...thanks for the comment you left on my latest card...much appreciated...Pam

Posted on: Wednesday, 20 January 2010, 6:15pm
Comment by: scrappy grandma

h swetie, well i now need to find your swap fourm i don't have it. and i thought we were friends can't find you on my list anywhere, i might be lossing my sight as well as my mind, he,he, hugs.
have a wonderful weekend my friend! joan

Posted on: Friday, 15 January 2010, 4:56pm
Comment by: Busy Bee

Hi! Thx for stopping by and making the great comments on my baby cards and Father's Day card. I really appreciate your kind words. Baby cards are SO fun to do!

Posted on: Sunday, 10 January 2010, 2:22pm
Comment by: placktorin

The branch behind the flowers is a Martha Stewart punch, I think an old one, because it is lite green. Looks kind of spriggy!! Don't know the name, I was lucky to find it at Walmart, Peggy

Posted on: Sunday, 10 January 2010, 1:55pm
Comment by: placktorin

Thanks so much for the nice comments on my cards, I always appreciate the kindness, Peggy

Posted on: Friday, 8 January 2010, 8:16am
Comment by: scrappy grandma

hi sweetie.
now i know wha you are talking about . i have some of those have to look i don;t think i have a snowflake though.
thank you so much i was a little confushed there for a min.
but that is me absent minded and confushed, he,he,
god bless ,have a wonderful weekend,

Posted on: Thursday, 7 January 2010, 9:26am
Comment by: scrappy grandma

hi hon, how are you today?
well want to say thank you for telling me about the snowflakes, but what is the nestabities, for cuddle bug, i don;t have that, and not even sure what it is, he,he,
our stores her carry nothing at all. all we have is michaels, ac moore and joann'es. they are always out of stock.
wonder why.
have a wonderful day keep up the great work love your idea, god bless and hugs, joan

Posted on: Wednesday, 6 January 2010, 2:17pm
Comment by: scrappy grandma

hi sweetie, so sorry i haven;t been bye in a long while but am feeling much better now.
i even scrapped two pages, .
love all the things you have made.
so creative and beautiful.
left some hugs,
god bless and love, joan

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