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Posted on: Wednesday, 22 December 2010, 8:46pm
Comment by: JoJorenee

Kudos to you on your Hambly guest design girl You make me wanna shop!!! lol Merry Christmas n Happy New Year by the time you drop in again to ole!Mika

Posted on: Monday, 18 October 2010, 1:04pm
Comment by: JoJorenee

Hey Sash! Whats gud welp I am going to ya blog later to see what you got to make me giggle!

Posted on: Friday, 8 October 2010, 11:27am
Comment by: JennyChesnick

you know this place reminds me of sis, the format yano? *fist pump

Posted on: Sunday, 3 October 2010, 9:34am
Comment by: JennyChesnick

Hi friend!

Posted on: Friday, 27 August 2010, 11:52am
Comment by: KellyCreates

HI Sasha! Just read your nice comment about my 3 Peas lo! Thank you! Love your style...your gallery is FABULOUS! Cheers, Kelly :)

Posted on: Sunday, 4 July 2010, 11:32pm
Comment by: sarah_bear621

I just checked out your gallery and wanted to tell you it's awesome! I love your style! Thanks for the inspiration!!! :)

Posted on: Monday, 14 December 2009, 12:58pm
Comment by: DianaL7

Thank you for your comment on my layout! Still trying to learn everything on this site:) Have a very Happy Holiday!

Posted on: Tuesday, 1 December 2009, 11:03pm
Comment by: Rainbow151

Hello Sasha! Thank you so much for visiting my gallery and leaving your comment on my Curiosity lo, it is much appreciated, Thank you!
have a great week.

Posted on: Wednesday, 25 November 2009, 10:31pm
Comment by: Lydia S

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! From my family to yours :)

Posted on: Monday, 2 November 2009, 6:19pm
Comment by: bmwgirl

*just saying* :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Posted on: Sunday, 11 October 2009, 5:21pm
Comment by: GinnyHughes

I just had a moment to briefly look at your gallery and it is just so amazing! Be back later when I have more time! Hope you have a great week! Ginny

Posted on: Sunday, 20 September 2009, 7:21am
Comment by: Mali3

Your gallery blows my mind! I could look at it all day everyday. I'm glad I found your page. Beautiful LO!

Posted on: Tuesday, 1 September 2009, 4:44pm
Comment by: TracyP

Congrats on the Scrapstreet PUB!!! I LOVE the LO girl:)

Posted on: Wednesday, 8 July 2009, 11:30pm
Comment by: HISFAVOR7

Your creativity and the way you put colors together is CRAZY!! I love all your LOs!

Posted on: Friday, 3 July 2009, 1:36pm
Comment by: cantstopscrappin

your gallery is awesome, glad i stumbled on it! :)

Posted on: Sunday, 14 June 2009, 4:45pm
Comment by: MommaSaid

I followed a link in your forum signature to one of your design teams (Graphic 45) only to feel that there was something familiar about it -- you have beautiful LO's in this gallery as well.

I love you work!

Posted on: Wednesday, 13 May 2009, 7:05pm
Comment by: TracyP

I Love you today and tomorrow:) I'll have to think about Friday though! LMAO
Been Missing ya;)

Posted on: Monday, 20 April 2009, 1:59pm
Comment by: TanishaRenee

Thank you girl!!!

Posted on: Sunday, 5 April 2009, 11:36am
Comment by: TracyP

Have I told ya lately that I Love ya!!!!!!!!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 25 March 2009, 11:30am
Comment by: Lissbee

lol! Hiya! What branch are you guys? :)

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