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Posted on: Tuesday, 15 November 2011, 12:10pm
Comment by: HisGEM

Er, yes you need to dust off your "I" and use it! I can't wait to see what create with it....thank you for the comment in the gallery~ Kenya

Posted on: Friday, 22 April 2011, 1:14pm
Comment by: HisGEM

Hello friend! Stopping by to say thank you for leaving love in the gallery :-)

Posted on: Thursday, 30 December 2010, 10:26pm
Comment by: anda11

I appreciate the love you left on my shadowbox. :)

Posted on: Thursday, 23 December 2010, 7:25pm
Comment by: DaisyButton

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Garvan Woodlands Lighting Tour lo! Merry Christmas, Nicole

Posted on: Sunday, 12 December 2010, 7:56am
Comment by: BonniePratte

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment on my Christmas card. Have a great Sunday. Bonnie

Posted on: Friday, 3 December 2010, 7:11am
Comment by: HisGEM

Hey lady! Thank you for visiting the gallery and leaving lovethere! Kenya

Posted on: Wednesday, 20 October 2010, 3:09pm
Comment by: DaisyButton

I was there on Friday -- It was a long day, but we saw so much and did several take and makes and shopped til we dropped! Neat that you got his autograph, I did too! :) I was thinking of doing a "Tim" page with the photos I took in his booth/demo on his papers... Thanks so much for commenting on my Scrap Conv Layout! It's a small world! I appreciate you! Nicole

Posted on: Wednesday, 20 October 2010, 3:03pm
Comment by: DaisyButton

Thanks bunches for the comment on my Union Pacific Train Engine layout! Have a great day! Nicole

Posted on: Thursday, 14 October 2010, 10:16pm
Comment by: DaisyButton

Thanks for the comment on my goodbye Memphis lo!

Posted on: Thursday, 13 May 2010, 12:13pm
Comment by: HisGEM

Thanks much :-)

Posted on: Monday, 10 May 2010, 8:52pm
Comment by: HisGEM

Thank you!

Posted on: Tuesday, 19 January 2010, 3:51am
Comment by: Alia M

Thanks so much for your message! I am so glad you enjoyed your trip to Egypt and had the opportunity to explore so much! It is a very special place!!

Posted on: Monday, 18 January 2010, 6:35am
Comment by: Alia M

Hi there! I was happy to stumble upon you! I see you've been to Egypt - how did you like it? :) My family is Egyptian and I have been 7 times. Hope it was a wonderful experience for you!!!

Posted on: Monday, 26 October 2009, 11:41pm
Comment by: RockStar

Thank you for your comment from oct 16 about my photo of the 'from here to eternity' beach scene in Hawaii. Sorry, I don't get to the back pages in my gallery too often, but I do appreciate the compliment, especially after seeing your photography talent! TC, Raquel

Posted on: Wednesday, 14 October 2009, 3:08pm
Comment by: mrsjohn

The 3rd cartride that comes with the Gypsy I am getting is Destanation. Can't wait. Plus the 2 that are pre loaded.

Posted on: Tuesday, 13 October 2009, 3:43pm
Comment by: Smashley

Wow, your photography is amazing!

Posted on: Tuesday, 29 September 2009, 8:46pm
Comment by: dotfree

Thank you PepprRN.

Posted on: Tuesday, 29 September 2009, 6:37pm
Comment by: PepprRN manual. But there is one that you can print off of the Cricut site which I did. There is the link....just click on user manual! I thought for the $ it was pretty cheap of them not to include one!! Hope that helps!

Posted on: Tuesday, 7 July 2009, 5:46pm
Comment by: CommaHolly

thankyou so much for the gallery love !!!!!!!! You made my day!!!!!!

Posted on: Friday, 1 May 2009, 7:20pm
Comment by: dotfree

I had read they realized how disappointing they were with the service and they were trying to improve.

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