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Posted on: Tuesday, 8 June 2010, 11:41am
Comment by: ScrappininMemphis

Just popping in to say HI. Hope all is well with you!

Posted on: Sunday, 9 May 2010, 3:46pm
Comment by: Pocono Pam

Hi! Long time no talk! How are you? Happy Mother's Day! Have a scrappy one! Pam

Posted on: Monday, 12 April 2010, 12:23pm
Comment by: Lizzy Wurmann G.

Thinking of you...........

Posted on: Sunday, 4 April 2010, 12:06pm
Comment by: Pocono Pam

Hello my sweet friend! Happy Easter!

Posted on: Sunday, 4 April 2010, 12:05pm
Comment by: Pocono Pam

How are you my friend! Happy Easter!

Posted on: Friday, 26 March 2010, 12:02pm
Comment by: kanary

We miss you, girl! Come out and play, okay??? -Karen-

Posted on: Friday, 12 March 2010, 9:45pm
Comment by: ScrappininMemphis

Hi Maureen. Just checking in on you! Hope you and your family are doing well. - Laurie

Posted on: Tuesday, 9 March 2010, 11:47am
Comment by: helbert

Hey Maureen! It's been so long! Miss seeing your work! Hope all is well!!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 24 February 2010, 4:46pm
Comment by: valeriavac

Hi dear!!!
I'd like to invite you to be part of my scrapbook community that "was born" yesterday. I intend to add my scrap friends to participate and help to spread out scrapbook in Brazil. So I wish I could be able to interact designers from Brazil with scrap friends from other countries.
Joining you in my community will be a great pleasure. Love Valeria

Posted on: Sunday, 14 February 2010, 10:23am


Posted on: Friday, 12 February 2010, 11:18pm
Comment by: LaDiva

Maureen!!!! It's been soooo long :(((( How are you? I've just returned to scrapping and look great and am impatient to hear from you!!! Kisses from Canada xox

Posted on: Friday, 1 January 2010, 7:57pm
Comment by: Pocono Pam

Hi Maureen! Happy New Year! Thanks for all of your support and gallery love in the past months. Take care! Pam

Posted on: Friday, 1 January 2010, 6:00pm
Comment by: ScrappininMemphis

Hi Maureen. Just checking in on you. Hope you had a great Christmas and New Years. Laurie

Posted on: Monday, 28 December 2009, 4:54pm
Comment by: kanary

Hey Maureen, just checking in to see if you've been around. Did you get to see your Sweet Cupcake at Christmas?? I miss you. Come back soon! Love, Karen

Posted on: Thursday, 24 December 2009, 7:03pm
Comment by: Foamy

Maureen~ HoHoHo- wishing you a very Merry Christmas. Hope the holiday season brings you joy! {{HUGS}} Lynn :D

Posted on: Wednesday, 23 December 2009, 7:19am
Comment by: placktorin

Maureen, just stopping by to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Give a shout if you feel like chatting, Peggy

Posted on: Tuesday, 22 December 2009, 10:05am
Comment by: SheilaMarie

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Your freind, Sheila

Posted on: Sunday, 20 December 2009, 9:56pm
Comment by: Luzma

HI my friend I wish you and your family a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS and the best for the next year!!! Luzma

Posted on: Friday, 18 December 2009, 11:24am
Comment by: SheilaMarie

Hope all is well and you Have a blessed Merry Christmas!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 16 December 2009, 10:13am
Comment by: Mo_N_Jo

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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