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Posted on: Tuesday, 11 March 2014, 1:34pm
Comment by: rockmom

Hiya. The secret to getting straight lines while painting is to: measure accurately and use a laser level to aid in that measuring; 2. use good painters tape, don't skimp, I used the duck tape with lock edges, then rub the edges with a cloth using pressue to ensue a good stick; then paint the background color over the taped edge where you are going to apply another color, that way if it bleeds through it will be the background color and not you second color wich lies on top of the bg pained edges. takes time to get everything to dry but it does work well. Oh also give your background time to cure, I waited a week before taping the chevrons. then painted the bg paint over the taped area and waited a day and did the colors the next day. good luck.

Posted on: Sunday, 14 April 2013, 7:01am
Comment by: Twinlets Mama

I just had to drop by and say hello--I found your comments in my gallery late last night. Thank you so much!!!! Sorry it took me so long to find them! Lol

Posted on: Thursday, 28 February 2013, 5:42pm
Comment by: campbellkids

Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by to check out my latest wedding lo and for your very kind comment. Appreciate your visit. Have a great weekend! Laurie

Posted on: Thursday, 21 February 2013, 8:00pm
Comment by: Momto3infinity

Thanks for visting my gallery and commenting on so many of my LO's, I always appreciate the feedback - keep a smile :) M.

Posted on: Sunday, 17 February 2013, 5:59pm
Comment by: iluvmysix

Thank you so much for all of your kind comments! You made my day!

Posted on: Thursday, 31 January 2013, 2:16pm
Comment by: souzas_mail

Hi! thanks one more time for your sweet words!! you're always so kind! hugs, Elaine

Posted on: Sunday, 27 January 2013, 4:17pm
Comment by: cath_pat02

thank for the info. i really need it

Posted on: Wednesday, 9 January 2013, 7:26pm
Comment by: leslief

Thanks so much for your kind comments on my LOs. I really appreciate it!

Posted on: Wednesday, 2 January 2013, 3:24pm
Comment by: souzas_mail

Hi, thank you so much for your comments on my gallery; I really appreciated!! Happy New Year!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 19 December 2012, 12:28pm
Comment by: Scrappydianne

I was going thru my gallery and I saw an old post on my Chicago Style lo...sorry took so long thanks so much for your sweet words,,,Have a Merry Christmas..hugs Dianne

Posted on: Sunday, 9 December 2012, 11:48am
Comment by: scrapsnstuf

Hi, Thx so much for stopping by! Hope you have a lovely Sunday! Natalie

Posted on: Sunday, 9 December 2012, 9:49am
Comment by: J. Washington

thank you so much for the love in my gallery! It made my day.

Posted on: Thursday, 8 November 2012, 12:43pm
Comment by: Scrappydianne

It was yummy!!! Thanks for stopping by my gallery! Hugs Dianne

Posted on: Friday, 2 November 2012, 2:27pm
Comment by: scrappycreations

Thank you so much for stopping by my gallery and leaving such sweet comments on my layouts!! I am glad you enjoyed them! Have a great Friday!

Posted on: Friday, 19 October 2012, 9:24am
Comment by: auntielorna

Mahalo for stopping by my gallery and for taking the time to leave such thoughtful and sweet comments on my Orlando vacation layouts. Happy Friday!

Posted on: Friday, 19 October 2012, 7:51am
Comment by: happywhenscrappin

tfl and commenting onthe Xmas LO. have a great weekend.

Posted on: Thursday, 18 October 2012, 4:54am
Comment by: Tonys page

Thank you so much for the gallery love!!!! I do appreciate it alot!!!! Riza(:

Posted on: Wednesday, 17 October 2012, 4:35pm
Comment by: Printers Devil

Thank you for the nice comment on Emmalee at 9 months.

Posted on: Tuesday, 16 October 2012, 5:53am
Comment by: ljloula

Thanks for stopping by my gallery and leaving some love! Have a great day!

Posted on: Tuesday, 11 September 2012, 10:06am
Comment by: flykat1967

Merci !
thank you so much... pour vos commentaires
je vais regarder vos pages et rapidement faire un commentaire
vous êtes une super FAN ! à bientôt....

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