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Posted on: Sunday, 9 January 2011, 12:04pm
Comment by: Heather J. Landry

Thank you very much for your sweet comment about my Project 2009. Honestly, I just sorted through the journaling blocks and tried to match them to the pages as well as I could. LOL I hope that you're able to get your 2011 project done. I decided to do mine digitally in 2011 because it was really frustrating for me to do all of the hand journaling in the 2009 book. I kept messing up and having to use different cards.

Posted on: Thursday, 25 March 2010, 5:44pm
Comment by: scrappy grandma

hello lisa, just wanted to drop in and say i am so sorry i haven;t thanked you for your comment on my dow paws lo. been a little sick for awhile.
also stopped in to see your gallery love the los, so cute, left some hugs,
god bless and hugs, joan

Posted on: Thursday, 25 February 2010, 12:16pm
Comment by: SCRAPPINZ

thanks for the love on back in the days

Posted on: Sunday, 21 February 2010, 11:16am
Comment by: cndgay

Thank you for the friendly comments on my "Anything Like Me" layout about our teenage son when he turned 17. Yes, he's a lot like me! The older son turns 23 Tuesday and he is in China.....can't wait to have him home! Have a good Sunday and week, Cindy

Posted on: Friday, 19 February 2010, 3:15pm
Comment by: SCRAPPINZ

thanks for the love i\on my lo back in the day

Posted on: Thursday, 18 February 2010, 9:59pm
Comment by: Canadiancandy

HI Lisa, thanks for stopping in my gallery. I appreicate your visit and comment. I see in your gallery you must be in one of those scavenger hunts challenges?? So many unusual things in there lol

Posted on: Thursday, 11 February 2010, 3:36pm
Comment by: cndgay

Thanks for the nice comments on my "Get me through December" digi page. These comments will help me "get through this awful wintry stretch of February!". Cindy from WV

Posted on: Tuesday, 9 February 2010, 5:30pm
Comment by: ScrappinFan19

Thanks for stopping by and leaving some love! :)

Posted on: Sunday, 7 February 2010, 4:40am
Comment by: Anna C

Appreciate your visit and comment on my NO Angel layout. Have a great day! Anna C

Posted on: Thursday, 4 February 2010, 8:32pm
Comment by: Canadiancandy

hahahah I looked into your gallery and saw all these pictures.. and couldn't figure out what was up... You must be in that hunt for picture challenge??? Looks like you had to find some interesting things.

Posted on: Tuesday, 26 January 2010, 4:40am
Comment by: Anna C

Thanks for the gallery love. Much appreciated. Have a great Tuesday! Anna C

Posted on: Tuesday, 19 January 2010, 5:23pm
Comment by: Trish D

Thanks for stopping by my gallery and leaving a comment. Always appreciate others opinions!

Posted on: Friday, 15 January 2010, 8:26pm
Comment by: flutterbye0419

thanks for the nice comment on my digi lo.

Posted on: Monday, 11 January 2010, 6:36am
Comment by: Trish D

Thank you for leaving such sweet luv on my "2 Is Better Than 1" lo for the Lyric Challenge. I appreciate you taking the time to comment! :)

Posted on: Saturday, 9 January 2010, 9:18pm
Comment by: grandma_sue

Thanks for visiting my new page Who Are You. I appreciated your comment. My Bonnie Girl was such a sweet dog.

Posted on: Thursday, 7 January 2010, 4:57pm
Comment by: Navy Rev

Thanks for visiting my gallery. And how did you get your dog to wear glasses?

Posted on: Tuesday, 5 January 2010, 10:38pm
Comment by: jackie9635

sunshine is a maltese.

Posted on: Tuesday, 5 January 2010, 8:58pm
Comment by: jackie9635

just checked out your pics you have such an adorable puppy. shes a cutie! thanks for the comment on my LO :D

Posted on: Wednesday, 1 July 2009, 6:39am
Comment by: ScrappE

Well, even though I had to draw an axe, I got pictures of everything. I know the drawing probably breaks the rules, but we'll see. It looks like we won't have a hunt in July or August, but I'll see you in the POD group, right?

Posted on: Monday, 29 June 2009, 10:34am
Comment by: jadebrit

thanks a lot. I am going there now!

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