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Posted on: Wednesday, 14 September 2011, 4:15pm
Comment by: Nana Linda J

Thanks for the gallery hug, I appreciate it.

Posted on: Wednesday, 14 September 2011, 1:42pm
Comment by: newtoscrapping2011

thank you so much for leaving your sweet comments in my gallery. Hope your having a great week!

Posted on: Saturday, 27 August 2011, 11:18am
Comment by: dnurse

Hi Andrea! Thanks a bunch for the fabulous comment - you made my day! Donna

Posted on: Monday, 22 August 2011, 3:08pm
Comment by: twoboysforme

Thanks so much for the really sweet comments on my "Lovely Lola" page! I appreciate you taking the time to be so detailed :-) Have a lovely week! Stephanie

Posted on: Saturday, 13 August 2011, 8:18pm
Comment by: conpit52

Just wanted to stop by and say hi and have a wonderful week

Posted on: Friday, 12 August 2011, 9:01am
Comment by: Lorna Lee

Thank you for stopping by and leaving your wonderful comments on my "Slip of the Tongue" LO. Princess is my baby and I love putting together pages on her. Thanks again. Have a blessed weekend. Lorna

Posted on: Thursday, 11 August 2011, 9:31pm
Comment by: njr007

Thanks for the sweet comment on my Timeless Beauty LO. Norma

Posted on: Friday, 13 May 2011, 9:23am
Comment by: dnurse

Hi Andrea! Thanks so much for the sweet comment & marking my lo a fave! Donna

Posted on: Thursday, 28 April 2011, 5:19am
Comment by: conpit52

Good Morning and thank you for the comments on my gallery items. Have a wonderful week.

Posted on: Friday, 22 April 2011, 10:52am
Comment by: rockmom

Hi thanks for stopping by my gallery. Of course you may borrow! Have a happy Easter weekend. Denise

Posted on: Tuesday, 19 April 2011, 3:30pm
Comment by: dnurse

Hi Andrea - thanks a ton for the nice comment! Donna

Posted on: Thursday, 10 March 2011, 2:12am
Comment by: Gerry van Gent

Hi Andrea! Thank you so much for visiting my gallery! Hugs ~Gerry~

Posted on: Thursday, 3 March 2011, 4:48pm
Comment by: dnurse

Thanks for the visit! Donna

Posted on: Saturday, 15 May 2010, 10:19am
Comment by: Sarah_Liz

Happy (belated) birthday!! You should be getting something from me...or might have already gotten it! Hugs!!

Posted on: Friday, 14 May 2010, 6:59am
Comment by: kzookeeper

Hey Andrea! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Posted on: Thursday, 28 January 2010, 8:28pm
Comment by: Sarah_Liz

Hi Andrea, thanks so much for leaving the love on my "a&a" LO! Really appreciate it! Have a great week!

Posted on: Saturday, 2 January 2010, 12:09pm
Comment by: Sarah_Liz

Hey Andrea, thanks so much for leaving the gallery love! I really appreciate it! Hope you have a wonderful 2010!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 23 December 2009, 6:55am
Comment by: kzookeeper

Merry Christmas!

Posted on: Monday, 21 December 2009, 3:23pm
Comment by: sgoetter

From my place to yours...a very Merry Christmas and a wish for a healthy and happy New Year!

Posted on: Sunday, 20 December 2009, 12:19pm
Comment by: Sarah_Liz

Hey Andrea, thanks for sending me that book! So sweet of you! Sorry it's taken me so long to get on here and thank you- it's just a really busy time of year. Anyway, my goal is to get it read before school starts back hah! Hope ya'll are doing well and have a Merry Christmas! See ya soon!

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