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Posted on: Sunday, 25 January 2015, 10:45am
Comment by: Pink Spoonbill

Good morning. Oh my gosh....I checked my gallery this morning and you left so many comments. I was so surprised and I thank you for giving me inspiration. Thanks again and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Terri

Posted on: Sunday, 6 January 2013, 8:17pm
Comment by: MarciLB

WOW...You won with that LO!!!..SO glad I didnt know that--talk about intimidating!!!!-it was hard enough!!!...anyway--thanks for the nice comments-!

Posted on: Saturday, 5 January 2013, 7:19pm
Comment by: MarciLB

I just posted it...I lifted pretty kitty!

Posted on: Saturday, 5 January 2013, 9:01am
Comment by: MarciLB

You have so many gorgeous LOs it's hard to pick!....SO I picked my favorite Number went to that page and picked a LO!-very scientific!

Posted on: Friday, 26 October 2012, 12:38pm
Comment by: JLarsen747

I have come across many LOs in the Gallery of yours of your CUTE puppy. I have to tell you that I have a pup that looks like her. DO you know what breed she is? We got our pup from a lady that rescued her parents from the desert and her mom had 9 pups and we could not turn one down. She is such a great dog.

Posted on: Friday, 20 July 2012, 11:05am
Comment by: justLyn

I just saw your new avi, and had to stop by to tell you it is terrific! Have a great weekend! Lyn

Posted on: Wednesday, 18 April 2012, 6:49am
Comment by: 6ta

Missed you saturday...just in case we are meeting this saturday for the club meet...1 to 4pm

Posted on: Tuesday, 20 March 2012, 6:23am
Comment by: 6ta

Ashley i hope you had a great birthday...!!

Posted on: Thursday, 1 March 2012, 11:32pm
Comment by: Lenethren

Thank you for commenting in my gallery! I appreciate it. Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Posted on: Wednesday, 29 February 2012, 3:03pm
Comment by: hairdoc77

Omgsh, I miss a comment you left in my gallery. Sorry!! Thanks for your sweet comment on "celebrate" lo!!=)

Posted on: Monday, 6 February 2012, 5:15pm
Comment by: sasload4

Thank you for your sweet comment about my wee Cammy and Kaitlyn. You live about 2 1/2 hours from me!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 25 January 2012, 12:12pm
Comment by: hairdoc77

Hey friend, thanks for the gallery love!! Do you ever go to retreats?? There is one in a couple of weeks in Milford. If you want to go and want the info email me or call me [email protected] 817-688-8582~~~Cindy

Posted on: Tuesday, 17 January 2012, 1:03pm
Comment by: Cin17

Thank you for visiting my gallery and BDD lo and leaving comment. Have a great day.

Posted on: Wednesday, 11 January 2012, 7:01pm
Comment by: Carmen C-Henriquez

Thanks for the gallery love!

Posted on: Wednesday, 11 January 2012, 7:00pm
Comment by: Carmen C-Henriquez

Thanks for the gallery love!

Posted on: Tuesday, 10 January 2012, 10:36am
Comment by: hairdoc77

This is a BIG hello from your neighbor (in Ohio, I was born at Toledo Hosp but lived in Holland, a very small town, and moved to Texas when I was 11), so were neighbors here too. I live in Aledo, just west of Fort Worth. I would like to say a BIG Thank you for all the gallery love you have left me!! So sweet of you!! =)

Posted on: Monday, 2 January 2012, 5:32pm
Comment by: sasload4

Thanks much for your comment!

Posted on: Thursday, 29 December 2011, 9:26pm
Comment by: Inspired.By.Love

I Read That Your From A Small Town In Ohio! May I Ask Where? I Live In E. Canton, OH -I'm Sure You've Heard Of It!! If You Ever Come Back Up North Let Me Know & We Can Get Together & Scrapbook! :)

Posted on: Wednesday, 23 November 2011, 1:22pm
Comment by: 6ta

Ashley...I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Posted on: Monday, 7 November 2011, 11:33am
Comment by: Lenethren

Thank you for stopping by my gallery and commenting on my hippo and giraffe. Your kind words brightened my day! Hope you have a terrific week.

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