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Posted on: Monday, 1 February 2010, 7:11pm
Comment by: aussiejennybean

Your gallery looks fantastic. ive just been browsing through it, i cant comment on every lo. so I thought id send you a note to say how much i love it...
Have a good day!!!
Jen :)

Posted on: Monday, 14 December 2009, 9:24am
Comment by: Mo_N_Jo

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Posted on: Monday, 7 December 2009, 5:16pm
Comment by: Wowcool

it looks like you like this place!(so do i)

Posted on: Sunday, 27 September 2009, 5:26pm
Comment by: prentiss

Hi there Thanks for lovely comment on my layout falling leaves. Have a great evening. Amelia

Posted on: Saturday, 4 July 2009, 10:06am
Comment by: hEddRNaE

have a great 4th of july!~Heather~

Posted on: Monday, 22 December 2008, 9:27pm
Comment by: Mo_N_Jo

We wish you a Merry Christmas!
We wish you a Merry Christmas!
We wish you a Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year

Posted on: Wednesday, 17 December 2008, 3:48pm
Comment by: lollyah4

stopping by to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Posted on: Friday, 22 August 2008, 8:58pm
Comment by: Ranita

Hi there!!
Have fun tomorrow!!!!

See you soon!

Posted on: Sunday, 17 August 2008, 3:16am
Comment by: AussieKaz

Hi there there have an awesome gallery .. i look forward to coming across more of your creations in the gallery

Posted on: Saturday, 9 August 2008, 10:54am
Comment by: kzookeeper

Thanks so much for stopping by and for the sweet comments on my "Whooo?" page! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Betty

Posted on: Monday, 28 July 2008, 9:37am
Comment by: helbert

HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope it's a great one!! Helene

Posted on: Saturday, 26 July 2008, 12:21am
Comment by: Mo_N_Jo

HI again, I just realized that Monday is your birthday. Have a happy birthday and a wonderful weekend!

Posted on: Sunday, 20 July 2008, 5:41pm
Comment by: yarielma


Posted on: Sunday, 20 July 2008, 11:53am
Comment by: ScrapperV

Thank you so much for your comments left in my gallery! I definitely appreciate them. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Posted on: Sunday, 18 May 2008, 10:40pm
Comment by: helbert

You have a very nice gallery!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a great week!

Posted on: Friday, 25 April 2008, 8:56am
Comment by: Ranita

Hey.....nice to see you here!!!
Talk to you later!

Posted on: Monday, 31 December 2007, 1:56pm
Comment by: Scrapgurl78

Have a safe and prosperous New Year!!! Peace and Blessings!!!

Posted on: Friday, 28 December 2007, 11:51pm
Comment by: Jennifer Priest

Wishing you a happy, prosperous, and scrap-filled New Year!!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 27 November 2007, 11:11pm
Comment by: Sunshine Asuncion

its me again! TAG... ;) check out my blog!

Posted on: Sunday, 25 November 2007, 9:07am
Comment by: Sunshine Asuncion

hey you! how are you? hope you guys are having a wonderful thanksgiving weekend! miss you guys!

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