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Posted on: Friday, 31 December 2010, 8:36am
Comment by: kajunkat

Wishing you and your family all the best for 2011. Happy New Years. Be Safe Kajunkat

Posted on: Wednesday, 29 September 2010, 3:20pm
Comment by: Lisa-olsi

Thanks for the sweet comment!

Posted on: Sunday, 19 September 2010, 3:36pm
Comment by: kajunkat

Thanks for taking the time to comment on project My new home for my punches. Have a great night. kajunkat aka Mary

Posted on: Sunday, 11 April 2010, 6:03pm
Comment by: valeriavac

I love meeting friends too. Thank you for the sweet comments!!!

Posted on: Saturday, 10 April 2010, 12:24pm
Comment by: valeriavac

Thank you for the comment on my gallery!!!

Posted on: Saturday, 26 December 2009, 9:45pm
Comment by: Mariacv

Hola! Gracias por tu comentario en mi página "Mar{ía Paula, 6 meses". tenés unos trabajos preciosos! Que tengas un 2010 lleno de salud, éxito y bendiciones. María

Posted on: Sunday, 22 November 2009, 10:11pm
Comment by: its me mousey

Thank you so much. ;)

Posted on: Monday, 12 October 2009, 5:38am
Comment by: aprilbaby

Thank you for your kind comment on my Happiness lo! I greatly appreciate it! Hope you have a great week! Hugs......Linda

Posted on: Saturday, 10 October 2009, 6:27pm
Comment by: PepprRN

Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my Mister Universe LO!! I am so glad you stopped by!

Posted on: Thursday, 8 October 2009, 10:32pm
Comment by: prentiss

Hi there thanks for the lovely comment on my layout Paradise. It means a lot to me!! Amelia

Posted on: Saturday, 26 September 2009, 9:40pm
Comment by: Otomon

Glad you liked my owl pencil case...thanks for leaving me a comment! - Michelle :)

Posted on: Saturday, 26 September 2009, 9:19pm
Comment by: njr007

thank you for the nice comments on my fall atc's, so apapreciate the kindness, Norma

Posted on: Monday, 31 August 2009, 4:41pm
Comment by: beamwalker

thanks for your comment! I was just looking at your gallery and you have some lovely cards!

Posted on: Tuesday, 4 August 2009, 10:42am
Comment by: ShaylaCreations

Thanks for the comment on my cove lo! Hope you have a great day!

Posted on: Saturday, 25 July 2009, 9:23pm
Comment by: Memaoftwo

Thanks so much!!! (: Alisa

Posted on: Tuesday, 21 July 2009, 7:57pm
Comment by: Memaoftwo

Thanks for commenting on my gallery! I really appreciate it(: I love that home decor cart!! I wish I could have them all!!! ~Alisa

Posted on: Friday, 17 July 2009, 11:55pm
Comment by: Memaoftwo

Thank you so much!! Have a great weekend!

Posted on: Monday, 13 July 2009, 11:33pm
Comment by: naf

Hola!!!Bienvenida al sitio!!!Veo que vives en Illinois, como sabes tan bien el espaniol??

Posted on: Friday, 3 July 2009, 10:05pm
Comment by: Angelica

Thanks for the friend invite!! Have a great weekend!

Posted on: Wednesday, 1 July 2009, 4:31pm
Comment by: scrappineve

Hi! Thanks for the love in my gallery!!! Have a great day! Eva

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