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Posted on: Saturday, 9 June 2018, 4:00pm
Comment by: Puddin Head

Holy moly, Henri! I've never gotten so many comments in my gallery at one time - and all but a few were from you!!! You are so sweet to be so very, very complimentary of my work. You must have spent all afternoon looking through so many of my layouts!

To answer you question about the Thailand font, that one is called "Pad Thai" and I got it free from dafont.com. I love that font site - I've gotten so many from them.

Again, thanks for leaving all the "love"!

Posted on: Saturday, 19 May 2018, 7:16am
Comment by: Pink Spoonbill

Don't know if you will get this while on your trip but thanks for the wonderful comments on my latest layouts. It means the world to me. Hope you are having a great time and seeing some amazing things. You aren't missing anything here. It has been raining and raining and raining!!! I am growing web feet! Have a wonderful day. Terri

Posted on: Thursday, 3 May 2018, 3:00pm
Comment by: nanalovesyou

Henri, I see you came over to my gallery & sprinkled lots of your beautiful angel dust all over the b day card I made for my son. Woosier! Many hugs!

Posted on: Sunday, 29 April 2018, 5:36am
Comment by: Pink Spoonbill

Henri, the whoopee pie place layout is Sweet Jane's in the Ocala Forest. We saw it when we were coming back from the space coast. They are too sweet. They put over an inch of frosting in the middle. We do want to go back someday. They also put ice cream instead of frosting in the middle. Thanks for all the love.

Posted on: Thursday, 22 March 2018, 6:56am
Comment by: Puddin Head

Gosh, Henri, thanks so much for all the many nice comments on my latest pages as well as the ones for the scavenger hunt challenge! You said so many nice things...I'm bowled over!!!

Posted on: Friday, 9 March 2018, 7:28pm
Comment by: ErinThomas1981

Hi Henri! Thanks for the love on my page...I started Weight Watchers on January 2, so these were my last hurrah cupcakes, lol! I just finished a piece of sugar free cheesecake as I type this, so I know what you mean about being able to eat a dozen cupcakes! They are my weakness. I guess we all have some sort of vice!

Posted on: Friday, 9 February 2018, 8:07pm
Comment by: kathylovestoscrap

Henri I know. I hate fussy cutting as well and yet I keep subjecting myself to it! What is with that? Thanks for the love!

Posted on: Tuesday, 9 January 2018, 1:09am
Comment by: kathylovestoscrap

Henri thank you for your thoughtful and encouraging comments on all my layouts. You are truly an inspirational woman and someone I would like to be like as I move forward to the next phase of my life. You are enlightened, well travelled and brilliantly adept at bringing the world alive. I look forward eagerly for each of your layouts so that I can be educated on the history and enjoy your travels with you. It is better than the travel and history channels on Foxtel. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my daily antics within my small family world. Hugs Kathy

Posted on: Sunday, 7 January 2018, 9:56am
Comment by: scrapperb2

Henri, I apologize if I didn't explain myself correctly about your beautiful home. From the air it does look almost like a mansion, and living here in an old mill town where most houses are not so beautiful. I hope you forgive me for misunderstanding the drone photo. Next time I will be more careful on the words I chose to express myself. Again please accept my apology. Hugs Linda

Posted on: Wednesday, 3 January 2018, 9:20am
Comment by: Scrapjunki

Hi Henri. Thanks for all your wonderful comments in my gallery. To answer your question about my torn edges, I use a little round handheld distressing tool, but you can also do it with scissors, as if you're peeling a potato with a knife kind of motion (hope that makes sense!) LOL!

Posted on: Friday, 15 December 2017, 11:03pm
Comment by: NVyankee

Thanks for the gallery love. Yes I totally agree -- I love to learn while I travel. It's so interesting learning about other cultures. I loved Moscow and hope to go back. I did get an extended visa so I just might go over again.

Posted on: Friday, 17 November 2017, 8:29am
Comment by: Puddin Head

Just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful comments you left in my gallery last week! They made me feel so good about my scrapbooking!

Posted on: Saturday, 11 November 2017, 6:15pm
Comment by: kathylovestoscrap

Thanks Henri for the encouragement. I do miss doing pages so I am going to concentrate on them or a while. I have so many photos and I keep buying the paper but then get caught up in the little projects. New goal, layout layouts layouts. LOL!

Posted on: Friday, 6 October 2017, 8:57pm
Comment by: kathylovestoscrap

Thanks Henri for the vote of confidence on my ATCs but I am only a beginner compared to the other ladies in the group!

Posted on: Wednesday, 4 October 2017, 7:19pm
Comment by: kathylovestoscrap

Thank you Henri! I had to show the before because when it was taken I thought it wasn't too bad a picture but now I see how terrible it really is. It is a complete lifestyle change I have gone for and yeah it can be challenging at times but it will all be worth it when I am just at maintaining!

Posted on: Saturday, 30 September 2017, 10:06pm
Comment by: kathylovestoscrap

Hi Henri
Yes it is quite an eerie place overall. You do get a feeling that you aren't alone there. My other daughter has a really strange photo captured that I will develop this week and scrap so you can help explain. Very very spooky! I am definitely booking in for one of their ghost tours as they are apparently very scary!

Posted on: Monday, 4 September 2017, 2:34pm
Comment by: Puddin Head

Thank you, Henri, for all the sweet comments on my recent Rome layouts. Coming from you it means a whole lot to me!!

Posted on: Saturday, 1 July 2017, 5:27am
Comment by: rahulsmom

Hello Henri, thank you for your comments on my pages. I love Dubai airport more than any other airport in the world. My sisters live there and I was able to spend 10 days the first time I was there. Every place is so clean but you know that they have people working round the clock to keep it clean.

Posted on: Monday, 8 May 2017, 6:19pm
Comment by: Brandy Lynn

I have really enjoyed looking through your beautiful photographs of Italy. Makes me miss it so much!

Posted on: Sunday, 16 April 2017, 9:01pm
Comment by: kathylovestoscrap

Thanks Henri for the wonderful comments. It is expensive to walk the bridge! $150 - $200 Australian dollars. My eldest kids want to do it so maybe for Christmas I might get them vouchers. I would like to do it but blood pressure prevents it. Maybe if I got a lot fitter!

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