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Posted on: Thursday, 7 February 2013, 6:36pm
Comment by: chawly cat

thanks for the has been awhile.

Posted on: Friday, 12 October 2012, 8:38pm
Comment by: chawly cat

hey are you!! so where are you hiding these days? would like to hear from you!!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 13 December 2011, 11:01am
Comment by: chawly cat

merry christmas to you and your family.

Posted on: Saturday, 18 June 2011, 7:49am
Comment by: mgiov

Cathy, thanks for the gallery hug, so much appreciated!!! Have a great weekend... Peggy

Posted on: Friday, 17 June 2011, 11:02am
Comment by: chawly cat

Hey stranger..It sure has been are so lucky to have a scraproom..mine is a dungen.I have mine all tore apart ,trying to make it work for me,.not having much the beach,wow.get to watch to waves come in!Are you still in the same area(kinda?)I have not done a layout in awhile,,to much stress in my life right now,but thinking of doing one(maybe when I get my room together)well I should go ,got to do bank stuff,,talk again wonderful to hear from you again..your friend...Chawly cat...have a wonderful weekend!!P.S. look forward to seeing your layout.

Posted on: Friday, 17 June 2011, 8:38am
Comment by: helbert

TFSB! You're a dear!!!

Posted on: Thursday, 16 June 2011, 1:21pm
Comment by: dnurse

Hi Cathy! Thanks a bunch for the visit! Hope all is well on your end - haven't seen you around for a bit! Donna

Posted on: Thursday, 16 June 2011, 11:00am
Comment by: chawly cat

just stopping by to say "HELLO".

Posted on: Saturday, 7 May 2011, 7:10pm
Comment by: helbert

Hey Cathy!!!! Great to hear from you!!! Thanks for the visit! Hope you have a super nice Mother's day!

Posted on: Friday, 22 April 2011, 8:29am
Comment by: lvalent3

Stopping by to wish you a happy easter! ~Lisa

Posted on: Thursday, 17 February 2011, 6:43pm
Comment by: chawly cat

Hello was really nice to hear from you..have been wondering..I have not been on much lately..been working trying to stay sure has been a LONG cold winter,how about you? just stopped by to return your message..take care..Liz

Posted on: Friday, 11 February 2011, 4:28pm
Comment by: helbert

Thanks so much Cathy!! Love when you visit!!

Posted on: Friday, 28 January 2011, 4:38pm
Comment by: Bellaidea

It was very nice suprice to find all your nice comments about my LO`s! hugs!

Posted on: Friday, 28 January 2011, 3:16pm

Thanks soooo much for your comments on my bridal LO. I would be honored if you lifted it! But you are way too sweet

Posted on: Wednesday, 22 December 2010, 2:34pm
Comment by: PaperLUV

Hi Cathy! Hope all is OK with you; haven't seen you in a while. Warmest wishes to you and your family for a wonderful and merry Christmas, and a new year filled with happiness, peace and love. Hugs, Lori

Posted on: Monday, 20 December 2010, 5:40pm
Comment by: mammasol

I wish you and yours a happy merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!Love Solveig

Posted on: Monday, 20 December 2010, 10:01am
Comment by: dnurse

Hi Cathy - thanks for the hugs & the "featured" updated, cool! Have a very Merry Christmas! Donna

Posted on: Friday, 5 November 2010, 7:42am
Comment by: Pocono Pam

Hey girl! Stopping by to say hi and wish you a happy weekend! Enrique says to say hello. He and Miss Golightly are not on speaking terms! LOL!

Posted on: Thursday, 21 October 2010, 5:54am
Comment by: Teal

Thank you for the comment on my stickles storage!

Posted on: Wednesday, 13 October 2010, 3:58pm
Comment by: chawly cat

Hello friend..thanks for stopping in my gallery and leaving behind such wonderful comments..on my lo "oh to be 16 again" oops'that is me.I have enjoyed making flowers,but,deceided to take a has been kinda tuff getting back into..(since sept 15) .I did hear you can use other dies with the cuttlebug..thank-you for the message on my blog..I am almost done sewing the sqaures.they are going nicely,that is a shock for me.(sewing .) well I should go..we will talk to you again my friend..have a great evening..Liz.P.S. have you found a house yet?

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