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Posted on: Thursday, 23 December 2010, 11:27am
Comment by: byondbzr

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Posted on: Monday, 20 December 2010, 10:02am
Comment by: craftysprinkles

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with many Blessings!!! Mandy :)

Posted on: Tuesday, 26 January 2010, 7:46pm
Comment by: Cristal~Pinky

How did I NOT know this was here? LOL

Posted on: Friday, 22 January 2010, 3:10pm
Comment by: Mississippi Queen

Hey!! Thanks for visiting my gallery and leaving some love on "Not Too Bright". I took a slow, relaxing walk through your gallery last night and I have decided that you are MY kind of scapper -- you do the happy and the not happy. And that's what life is made of. Love your style and your total honesty. Congrats for overcoming your issues! ~Sharon

Posted on: Wednesday, 13 January 2010, 11:23pm
Comment by: Rebecca Dorothy

you are my new fave scrapper on keep up the greeeat work!

Posted on: Sunday, 3 January 2010, 1:41pm
Comment by: Xx-Ally-xX

Cool hair, I wish I could dye mine black with lime green tips & high lights, but my mom would kill me!! lol Not litteraly but she wouldn't like that much!!

God bless!!
~Aly Kat

Posted on: Saturday, 2 January 2010, 8:15pm
Comment by: My little Decoy.

i LOVE your pink hair!

Posted on: Thursday, 31 December 2009, 8:23pm
Comment by: pawsitivethots

Love your work!

Posted on: Wednesday, 30 December 2009, 8:10am
Comment by: Mashkurable


Posted on: Saturday, 19 December 2009, 10:07am
Comment by: byondbzr


Posted on: Tuesday, 1 September 2009, 11:51am
Comment by: MrsIrene

I enjoyed browsing your gallery and I love your pink hair! I'd dye mine the same color in a heartbeat if it wouldn't get me fired. Wishing you a fabulous day.

Posted on: Saturday, 4 July 2009, 7:24am
Comment by: byondbzr

Have a Happy Independence Day!

Posted on: Saturday, 20 June 2009, 9:41pm
Comment by: Armenian Girl

hey girlie, LOVe YOUR DT WORK! nice job as always!
XoXo deb

Posted on: Tuesday, 2 June 2009, 8:53am
Comment by: Joakima

Love your work!!!

Posted on: Thursday, 28 May 2009, 2:39pm
Comment by: catey

I just have to tell you that your hair is wicked awesome!!! :) Have an amazing day!

Posted on: Wednesday, 27 May 2009, 8:15am
Comment by: huskerfan

Loved looking though you gallery. You do beautiful work!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 26 May 2009, 2:48pm
Comment by: 6PackScrapper

Welcome to! Love your contributions on your gallery- thanks for sharing! -Chandra

Posted on: Tuesday, 26 May 2009, 2:46pm
Comment by: 6PackScrapper

Welcome to! I hope you find lots of ideas and inspiration as you look around! You may want to get the newsletters for more ideas- go to: There are also links to coupons for like 10% off your whole order, if your in the shopping mood! :) Best, Chandra

Posted on: Tuesday, 26 May 2009, 11:12am
Comment by: Hev

Good to see you here!

Posted on: Sunday, 24 May 2009, 6:46pm
Comment by: Ms Jackie

Hey lady. Glad to see you

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