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Posted on: Sunday, 5 September 2010, 4:37pm
Comment by: debjoal

You can print off the last few years of 12 pages of 52 card sketches. There are also pics of finished cards. Have fun! Anxiously awaiting pics of your scrap/sewing room.

Posted on: Sunday, 7 February 2010, 3:31pm
Comment by: Cin17

Hi Kath, Thank you for letting me know you are okay. I'm sorry for everything you and your family are going through. I'll make sure I say an extra prayer for you and your family. Hop you are doing well down in FL, and give us a shout out when you get to TN. I know we are looking forward to any progress you make on your room. Have a good day..stay warm.

Posted on: Tuesday, 16 June 2009, 9:41am
Comment by: Tara D.

I am dying to see your room all finished!

Posted on: Sunday, 5 April 2009, 11:10pm
Comment by: colleenak

Love your new room! I'm sure you will have lots of fun up there!

Posted on: Thursday, 2 April 2009, 4:24pm
Comment by: reyasunshine

Thanks for stopping by my gallery. I'm glad you liked my room. :)

For pens, try this:

This is actually the only thing *made* for pen storage that I've seen. It's pretty cool though. I have a bunch of friends who have them and love them. :)

Good luck with your room! If you need ANY help or ideas, please don't hesitate to email me. :) And PLEASE show me photos when you're done. :)

Posted on: Wednesday, 1 April 2009, 5:15pm
Comment by: Ingunn H

Hi Kath and thanks for your interrest in the name book I made for DGD christening ( name gift in church, not sure it is called that in english )

You asked where to purchase, answear , you do not buy it, you make it.

simply use word to print the letters, cut them out , place them at the back of a cereal box, trace the outlines to the right and cut out. use the lenght of the box to use in the last letter and the last "page".
When you have made all the letters out of cereal boxes and in the right lenght , so it flowes nicely, you dress the letters with paper and after that you have sturdy and manageble chipboard letter album , home made with your word.
You can make any word you want.
DGD has 6 letters and a back cover. The letters are 9 1/2 cm height and the back page and tne N are 12" long ,

And congrats about your stunning new play ground :)

Posted on: Monday, 30 March 2009, 12:03pm
Comment by: Babylou

Holy cow! That room is huge! How great for you!

Posted on: Thursday, 26 March 2009, 4:42am
Comment by: Sarah-Scraps

Oh you lucky, lucky girl!! What an awesome scrap room!! Can't wait to see it all filled with your projects!

Posted on: Monday, 23 March 2009, 2:04pm
Comment by: Im a Believer

Kath ~ Your scrap room is absolutley GORGEOUS - Your husband did an AWESOME job!! I am so thrilled for you ~Enjoy it!!

Posted on: Monday, 23 March 2009, 10:33am
Comment by: crafty mom of 5

I am drooling over your scrap space already. It is going to be awesome when it is complete! I can't wait to see the finished product! Amy

Posted on: Wednesday, 18 March 2009, 6:42pm
Comment by: carol a.

i love you scraproom!! i'm SO jealous! i can't wait to see it finished.

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