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Posted on: Thursday, 16 September 2010, 6:02pm
Comment by: Tammy Sue

Thanks for the gallery love on my Tim Holtz paper LO

Posted on: Sunday, 12 September 2010, 2:37pm
Comment by: TripletMomS

Happy Happy Birthday toooooo YOU!!!! Hope it was fantabulous ;)

Posted on: Monday, 14 June 2010, 4:50pm
Comment by: cheball

Thank you for commenting on my "Southern Girls" layout. It was fun but a different type of lo. Your challenge forced me out of my box!

Posted on: Tuesday, 8 June 2010, 12:33pm
Comment by: tabbilwilex

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and comment on my Happy Camper lo! I hope you are having a great day! Tab

Posted on: Tuesday, 8 June 2010, 11:38am
Comment by: Lenethren

Thank you for commenting on my 'One Fine Day' lo. Hope you have a great week.

Posted on: Saturday, 5 June 2010, 10:35am
Comment by: tinadn

Thanks for the sweetness on my last baseball lo. Have a great weekend!

Posted on: Tuesday, 25 May 2010, 2:39am
Comment by: Crankylady

I made a diaper wreath and a cake for my daughter's baby shower , Winnie the Pooh was her theme. I took the wreath to her hospital room to hang on the wall. Her baby was extrememly premature so I never got to hold her shower here. But I sent it to her state and they had it there. Ck out my gallery(page 2 I think). I do not know how to get the pics over on the forums. Haven't figured that out yet. The cakes and wreaths are so much fun! Good luck!

Posted on: Tuesday, 4 May 2010, 12:38pm
Comment by: lovepets40

Hope you feel better!

Posted on: Saturday, 1 May 2010, 6:43pm
Comment by: lovepets40

Hi new Friend !

Posted on: Tuesday, 20 April 2010, 7:52pm
Comment by: pcgirl

thanks for commenting on my "you {can't} always get what you want" LO..hope you had a wonderful visit with your mom!

Posted on: Monday, 15 March 2010, 3:38pm
Comment by: cndgay

Thank you for the gallery thank yous are overdue! Hope you're doing fine! Cindy

Posted on: Sunday, 14 March 2010, 4:47pm
Comment by: pcgirl

Thanks Angela! I only get about one good shot of myself every 10 years or so, so I guess I will have to use this one for the next decade, lol! I am worried that the LO is a little crowded and not very decorative, but it is done now!

Posted on: Sunday, 21 February 2010, 11:16am
Comment by: cndgay

Thank you for the friendly comments on my "Anything Like Me" layout about our teenage son when he turned 17. Yes, he's a lot like me! The older son turns 23 Tuesday and he is in China.....can't wait to have him home! Have a good Sunday and week, Cindy

Posted on: Sunday, 14 February 2010, 9:47am
Comment by: cndgay

Angela, I just got through sitting through a 1/2 hour info mercial on Songs of the 60s. I wrote down several "title" ideas (Rhythm of the Falling Rain, Green fields, Moody River, Stranger on the shore, Spinning Wheel...) Anyway, if you haven't already done it.....there's a future lyrics challenge awaiting! Have a good day, Cindy

Posted on: Sunday, 14 February 2010, 7:32am
Comment by: Trish D

Thanks for taking the time to comment on my Valentine lo! I had so much fun with this one!

Posted on: Friday, 12 February 2010, 7:22pm
Comment by: cndgay

Thank you Angela for the nice comment on my "Then" layout. It's funny, when I look at my gallery, I have so many country song lyrics for my titles if not in the layout itself. Songwriters are the ultimate romantic journalists! Have a good weekend and thanks again. Cindy

Posted on: Friday, 12 February 2010, 6:23am
Comment by: DYnWV

Good morning...thanks for the nice comment on my I'm a big 5'8" lo! Glad you stopped by! Have a great weekend...TFL Denise

Posted on: Thursday, 11 February 2010, 5:43am
Comment by: pcgirl

Thanks for commenting on my older LO's "Home" and "Hand in Hand". The design for Home was a Becky Fleck sketch and I lifted the left page of Hand in Hand from something I saw online and made the second page to match. Thanks for visiting, Angela!

Posted on: Wednesday, 10 February 2010, 6:03pm
Comment by: cndgay

Hey I heard on the news tonight that the DC area has had more snow this year than Buffalo! I've been to several training sessions at Rich's Foods in time in February! I recall Niagara Falls being froze over. We did have fun trips there though. Thanks again for the nice comment. Cindy from WV

Posted on: Sunday, 7 February 2010, 6:15pm
Comment by: pcgirl

Thanks for your kind comment on my LO for the Feb Lyrics challenge, i'm really having fun with it!

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