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Posted on: Wednesday, 13 July 2016, 4:41pm
Comment by: CoolCath

I read what you said about your son. I have so many old pictures I could scrap forever. I hope you find peace. Hugs and Thank you for voting my layout as a favorite. Hugs to you. Cathy

Posted on: Tuesday, 19 May 2009, 9:01am
Comment by: Judiris

Sweetie, wherever u r, God bless u

Posted on: Thursday, 27 November 2008, 12:32pm
Comment by: Judiris

happy thanksgiving

Posted on: Saturday, 8 November 2008, 3:41pm
Comment by: Judiris

just passing by to say hi

Posted on: Friday, 1 August 2008, 10:00am
Comment by: * Julie *

It's August already!! I hope you enjoy this last bit of summer and get lots of scrapping accomplished! :)

Posted on: Tuesday, 15 July 2008, 12:11pm
Comment by: * Julie *

Just a note to say hello! :) Hope all is well!

Posted on: Friday, 23 May 2008, 9:56am
Comment by: Judiris

have a great weekend

Posted on: Thursday, 15 May 2008, 11:22am
Comment by: Satriales Girl

Hi, thanks for your lovely comment! Have a nice day! Simona

Posted on: Tuesday, 13 May 2008, 9:01am
Comment by: Judiris

hi sweetie...thanks for writing...yes...May 15 th is my Bday! I turn 24!

Posted on: Monday, 28 April 2008, 8:52am
Comment by: Judiris

have a great week sis...lots of luv

Posted on: Tuesday, 22 April 2008, 4:08am
Comment by: moxiegirl23

THanks for reading my blog and your concern. I don't leave photos (unless they're duplicates already) on my laptop (they get loaded onto external hard drives and CDs as a double back up system). I did check to make sure that all my important docs were transferred to the laptop and that the auto back up software (runs constantly) did it's job.

Posted on: Friday, 4 April 2008, 9:00am
Comment by: Judiris

i already sent the letter...you should get it early next week

Posted on: Thursday, 6 March 2008, 9:26am
Comment by: Judiris

sweetie...i will be sending some pictures on the mail for you.

Posted on: Thursday, 28 February 2008, 6:49am
Comment by: Judiris

i am back from my honeymoon!

Posted on: Tuesday, 15 January 2008, 8:53pm
Comment by: fletch

Thank you so much for your comment on my MRSA layout. I visited your gallery and love the layout with pictures of your little guy and the flower. He's a cutie!

Posted on: Tuesday, 1 January 2008, 6:58am
Comment by: Judiris

Happy New Year!

Posted on: Wednesday, 5 December 2007, 4:42pm
Comment by: Judiris

Have a wonderful rest of the week sweetie.

Posted on: Thursday, 22 November 2007, 3:58am
Comment by: Judiris

Happy Thanksgiving...I hope you all are getting well...

Posted on: Friday, 9 November 2007, 5:15pm
Comment by: Judiris

many blessings sis...i hope the whole fam is doing great

Posted on: Thursday, 25 October 2007, 5:52pm
Comment by: ValAnn

I hope you try to take advantage of being "laid up" for awhile! Don't feel bad asking those other people around you to get stuff for you... soon enough you'll be back on your feet and doing it all again!

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