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Posted on: Tuesday, 29 December 2015, 8:48pm
Comment by: nanasan

Thank you for kind words in my gallery. I look forward to your visits! and appreciate your kind comments. I know you are busy ! Happy New Year! :)

Posted on: Wednesday, 23 December 2015, 6:26am
Comment by: nanalovesyou

Kenya, I want to send you a Very Merry Christmas and awesome New Year wish and prayer! Be safe. I'm sorry I am so behind in sending off a thank you for each and every piece of angel dust you have left for me over 2015! hugs joyce

Posted on: Saturday, 17 October 2015, 9:41am
Comment by: Pink Spoonbill

Hey girl, thanks so much for your visit. You leave such kind words on my work. It is so fun and made y day. Hope you are having a great weekend! Terri

Posted on: Wednesday, 14 October 2015, 6:52am
Comment by: Pink Spoonbill

Good morning. Just wanted to drop by and thank you for your lovely comments. It truly made my day. I just read your profile...five kiddos. Your life is hectic but blessed. LOL! Have a wonderful day and thank you again. Terri

Posted on: Tuesday, 8 September 2015, 6:21am
Comment by: annavalentin

Thank you so much for the very sweet comments on both my "I love you" card and "Thee Dress" lo I always appreciate your visits!!! Anna

Posted on: Sunday, 9 August 2015, 11:49am
Comment by: ChansGram

Thanks Kenya, but that pic is so old! I'm all gray now! Hope you're enjoying the weekend! Trish

Posted on: Wednesday, 22 July 2015, 9:56am
Comment by: annavalentin

Thank you for the sweet comments on my "Family Love" lo I appreciate it! Anna

Posted on: Saturday, 11 July 2015, 3:02pm
Comment by: LauralsAttic

Ty for the love on my lift of your canvas. It inspired me as soon as I saw it. I fell in love with the title, punch through frame and all the florals. You did a beautiful job on it! Laura

Posted on: Thursday, 9 July 2015, 9:45am
Comment by: annavalentin

Hi, Thanks so much for your kind visit and the sweet comments you left on my "Together" lo wishing you a great day!!! Anna

Posted on: Monday, 29 June 2015, 5:03pm
Comment by: annavalentin

Awww You made my day! The last month or so I have just started scrapping again after not scrapping for years. So your sweet comment means a lot. Thanks for your sweet kindness on my "Avery" lo! hugs, Anna

Posted on: Monday, 22 June 2015, 4:54pm
Comment by: annavalentin

Thank you so much for your encouraging comments. it means a lot! I hope you have a great week!!!Anna

Posted on: Tuesday, 16 June 2015, 7:13am
Comment by: annavalentin

Hi, Thanks so much for the visit to my gallery and your sweet comments. Greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful day!!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 12 May 2015, 7:44am
Comment by: liljenny1

Thank you for all the love on my layouts and cards.

Posted on: Thursday, 10 April 2014, 8:20am
Comment by: pjangel

Thank you for the recent visit to my gallery your comments as much appreciated.

Posted on: Saturday, 5 April 2014, 8:25am
Comment by: JBMemoryKeeper

Just wanted to say thanks for the gallery visits and comments! I checked out those websites for the flowers, I am in love!

Posted on: Wednesday, 2 April 2014, 2:59pm
Comment by: JBMemoryKeeper

Thanks for letting me know about the flowers! I will have to check those places out.

Posted on: Sunday, 9 March 2014, 12:11pm
Comment by: nanalovesyou

Hello dear friend! Thank you so much for surfing around my gallery and leaving such sweet angel dust on my last pic! I am in AZ until Wed and that I why I have no new pic's to post in my gallery! Also, that is why I am a bit behind in responding to comments left in my gallery! Thanks again. joyce

Posted on: Friday, 21 February 2014, 9:59am
Comment by: Scrappydianne

Thanks for your sweet comments on my scraproom! Have a great weekend! Hugs Dianne

Posted on: Sunday, 9 February 2014, 3:57am
Comment by: nanalovesyou

Kenya, I hope I got your name correct. I see you have been surfing around my gallery and you left such sweet angel dust on my updated wall with frames in my studio. That has been a work of art (?) for over a year. I don't know if you went back thru my gallery, but there are before and after pic's of my gallery. The white frame idea came from a fellow sb friend (KVRLVN). She has a dozen or so on one of her walls and I lifted that idea from her! So lift away! Have a blessed day! joyce

Posted on: Monday, 21 October 2013, 7:49am
Comment by: KadeeBear

Thank you for the visit and sweet comments on my Philly Zoo and Special Occasion layouts! It is much appreciated! Have a great day! Kathy

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