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Posted on: Monday, 24 December 2007, 12:38pm
Comment by: Mom2CamiandReese

Merry Christmas!

Posted on: Tuesday, 28 August 2007, 8:34am
Comment by: TarynLeah

Hi Friend!! :) Hope you're having a happy, scrappy day! :)

Posted on: Tuesday, 5 June 2007, 10:18am
Comment by: WifeMotherPackHorse

Thanks for posting to my "she said" lo. I really appreciate it. I hope you have a wonderful week! Shari

Posted on: Friday, 25 May 2007, 10:42pm
Comment by: USMCMOM

Stopping in for a quick hello and to wish you a great memorial weekend !

Posted on: Sunday, 13 May 2007, 5:58pm
Comment by: TarynLeah

Happy Mother's Day!

Posted on: Thursday, 3 May 2007, 11:15pm
Comment by: Adrienne7

You have been tagged...check out my blog!

Posted on: Wednesday, 2 May 2007, 9:36am
Comment by: Mom2CamiandReese

Happy Wednesday!!

Posted on: Monday, 23 April 2007, 10:49am
Comment by: Mom2CamiandReese

Thanks for your love on my "The Dress" layout!! I really appreciate it! Hope you have a great day!!

Posted on: Tuesday, 10 April 2007, 3:25pm
Comment by: Heather J. Landry

Thanks for the bday wishes!

Posted on: Thursday, 5 April 2007, 12:05pm
Comment by: the mama

Have a great long weekend and happy easter...

Posted on: Wednesday, 4 April 2007, 12:39pm
Comment by: Heather J. Landry

I love your new profile pic! Hugs right back at ya. Hope today is awesome!

Posted on: Sunday, 1 April 2007, 3:16pm
Comment by: mama2mason

Thanks for all the well-wishes Steph! I am doing much better thank you! :) Thanks for the comment on the picture.. it's a little non-typical... but I've been feeling arsty since I got my new camera! :)

Posted on: Sunday, 1 April 2007, 11:46am
Comment by: Adrienne7

Hi Steph!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

Posted on: Friday, 30 March 2007, 9:49pm
Comment by: imagine.lilacs

Thanks for visiting my gallery! I am here to return the love!! It is nice to meet you!

Posted on: Friday, 30 March 2007, 10:27am
Comment by: Mom2CamiandReese

Thanks for leaving all the sweet comments in my gallery! Hope you have a great weekend!!

Posted on: Thursday, 22 March 2007, 2:46pm
Comment by: Heather J. Landry

I missed ya'll too. Thanks for the warm welcome back!

Posted on: Monday, 19 March 2007, 9:50am
Comment by: Adrienne7

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!! XOXO

Posted on: Friday, 16 March 2007, 8:38am
Comment by: USMCMOM

Have a blessed day!

Posted on: Wednesday, 7 March 2007, 10:51am
Comment by: G'Mandy

Hi, I'm part of the new yet to be named CJ. What is critique group #4??

Posted on: Tuesday, 6 March 2007, 10:34am
Comment by: TarynLeah


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