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Posted on: Monday, 5 December 2016, 9:01pm
Comment by: 1st-betty

Hi Jolena, Thank you for commenting on my cookie tray. I make desserts for the kids there because the manager lets are coffee group have dessert whenever we want. So I figure I better give to the workers treats, so we don't get asked to leave! Going to go check out your gallery....Betty

Posted on: Saturday, 10 September 2016, 4:17am
Comment by: nanalovesyou

Good Morning Jolena! It looks like you have been a tad bit MIA, have you been ok? So happy to see you in my gallery and all of the beautiful angel dust you have sprinkled all over the cards 1st-Betty sent me. I think you know her from, right? If not, check our her work. Thank you so much for your visit. many many happy hugs, joyce & barney ann

Posted on: Tuesday, 19 May 2015, 6:34am

Morning Jolena.. thank you for the lovely comment on my pages. Hope you are doing well, Big hugs, Glenda xxx

Posted on: Monday, 8 December 2014, 4:21pm
Comment by: DKravec

Hi Jo, thank you so much for your thoughtful Christmas card and for taking the time during your busy schedule to think of me. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Posted on: Tuesday, 11 February 2014, 11:21am
Comment by: Linnny

Hey Jo, thanks for your lovely comments on my card. Camille's birthday is Feb. 19th. Being able to celebrate her birthday is a true blessing!

Posted on: Thursday, 6 February 2014, 1:46am
Comment by: laur.brian77

CIAO Jolena, thanks for your comment on my wood frame!Have a nice day

Posted on: Sunday, 14 July 2013, 2:35am
Comment by: mammaroma

Ciao Bella!!!come stai?Grazie per il bel commento.Le tue bottiglie sono fantastiche

Posted on: Sunday, 12 May 2013, 2:27pm
Comment by: shabbypinkhouse

Hi Jolena! So sweet of you to leave me some sugar on my Secret Garden shadow box! Yours was totally creative and so inspiring! Have a blessed day! Hugs, Christine

Posted on: Thursday, 9 May 2013, 4:45pm
Comment by: dsatter

Thank you for the lovely comment on my steampunk ATC! Delores

Posted on: Friday, 26 April 2013, 4:09am
Comment by: mammaroma

Ciao Bella come stai? Non mi hai piu' risposto al mio ultimo messaggio spero tutto bene!!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 17 April 2013, 7:32pm
Comment by: shabbypinkhouse

Hi Jolena, Thanks so much for stopping by my gallery. I really appreciate all your wonderful comments! Hugs, Christine

Posted on: Saturday, 2 March 2013, 6:09pm
Comment by: Euroalien

Hi JoLena! How r u? Did u check the stl dates? Are u thinking about going to Dallas for the retreat? I signed up and will go, would be fun if u did too. Let me know. Have a great evening. Hugs

Posted on: Sunday, 30 December 2012, 1:45pm
Comment by: Dawna.s Place

Hi Jo, Just dropping by to wish you and your loved ones a very happy and healthy New Year full of many blessings! Big hugs to you sweet friend, Dawna

Posted on: Thursday, 15 November 2012, 8:02am
Comment by: mammaroma

Come stai cara tutto bene?

Posted on: Wednesday, 4 July 2012, 4:39pm
Comment by: Dixie Leah

Hello. Wanted to stop by and Thank You for your visit and your sweet comments on my journal. I truely appreciate it. Hope you have a wonderful evening......Dixie

Posted on: Monday, 2 July 2012, 7:23am
Comment by: HisGEM

Morning! Thank you for the sugar in the gallery! Take care~

Posted on: Thursday, 28 June 2012, 8:42pm
Comment by: Junie D.

Thank you so much for commenting on my card, it my first time posting. You are so creative. Thank you june

Posted on: Wednesday, 27 June 2012, 2:09pm
Comment by: ivc689

Hi there! Thank you so, so much for the incredibly sweet comment. You absolutely made my day! :)

Posted on: Tuesday, 5 June 2012, 6:41am
Comment by: shabbypinkhouse

Hi there! Thank you so much for leaving sweet comments on my Door Sign, Door Hanger and matching card for Martica's SS Swap. I really enjoyed making them and wish I could see my SS face when she opens her box. I almost couldn't part with it. LOL! I saw the cigar box in your gallery and it is absolutely gorgeous and so creative with dimension. Hope you have a wonderful day! Hugs, Christine

Posted on: Monday, 4 June 2012, 8:11am
Comment by: Scrap Smart

Jo, thanks for the sugar on my heritage LO! I guess my style is not foo foo enough to ever win, but I keep trying anyway--lol! Haven't talked with you in awhile, hope all is well with you! Susie

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