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Posted on: Sunday, 10 March 2013, 7:38pm
Comment by: MarciLB

Hi Courtney!!!! is the mommy to be?...hope you are feeling well!!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 30 January 2013, 10:06am
Comment by: pamela.tx

Thanks for the gallery visit and love!

Posted on: Tuesday, 29 January 2013, 11:17am
Comment by: MarciLB

you are too funny!!!!....actually---It is a template with ink i rubbed NOT spray @#$%*--d all over!!!! tee hee!...hope you are feeling good!...thanks for the info on the crop but I am leaving for Florida 2 days after so I better not...but we are going to the Lumberton Crop...Lighthouse Tabernacle in March if you can go...3/16-if so check fast--they sell out!

Posted on: Tuesday, 4 September 2012, 11:00am
Comment by: MarciLB

WOW you got a lot done yesterday!> are right though--I am a "challenge Maniac" combining..its so, well, challenging!!!LOL...thanks for the kind words and especially on the tribute to my bro layout!...see you soon!...we are excited!

Posted on: Tuesday, 10 July 2012, 8:13am
Comment by: cheball

Hello and thank you for stopping by. Cheryl

Posted on: Tuesday, 10 July 2012, 3:58am
Comment by: reneabouquets

Hi Courtney! I am sliding back in from vacation, and starting to try to catch up on the lovies! Thank you for stopping by while I was out and leaving such sweetness in my gallery! It was so nice to come back and see all the hugs from all my friends. ~Renea

Posted on: Monday, 9 July 2012, 3:10pm
Comment by: crafty mom of 5

Hi there! Thanks for the really sweet comments that you left in my gallery! I truly appreciate them! Have a great week! Amy :~D

Posted on: Monday, 18 June 2012, 4:36pm
Comment by: Cricut OCD

Hi! Thanks so much for the visit and sweet comments! That chipboard may be one of a kind for me! I was crossed eyed by the time I was done! I can't believe I made it all the way through without smearing any of it! Have a great week. Hugs, Rochelle

Posted on: Wednesday, 13 June 2012, 3:53am
Comment by: reneabouquets

Good morning Courtney! Thanks for the lovies on my Victorian Cone! Big Hugs ~Renea

Posted on: Monday, 11 June 2012, 2:44pm
Comment by: memoriesofmygirls

Thanks for the hugs!

Posted on: Monday, 4 June 2012, 10:25pm
Comment by: jennythomas101

Hi Courtney,
just dropping by to say thank you for your lovies on my gallery! big hugs-jenny

Posted on: Monday, 4 June 2012, 9:53am
Comment by: Twinlets Mama

Thanks for all the kind comments Courtney! I appreciate it! Take care!!

Posted on: Monday, 4 June 2012, 9:34am
Comment by: DittoBabyGirl

Thank you for all the sweet comments you left in my gallery! I really do appreciate it :)

Posted on: Wednesday, 23 May 2012, 8:05am
Comment by: reneabouquets

Hey Courtney! Thanks for the birthday hugs over at Facebook! Your comment made my day. I really appreciate your kindness and friendship. Hope you and Dom are doing well! Big hugs ~Renea

Posted on: Wednesday, 16 May 2012, 4:05pm
Comment by: sarahmacnificent

Thank you so much for the gallery love! ~Sarah

Posted on: Monday, 7 May 2012, 5:22pm
Comment by: MarciLB

Congrats Courtney!!!..Where can I see it?????

Posted on: Sunday, 6 May 2012, 1:10pm
Comment by: grandma_sue

Congratulations on being a winner for NSD!!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 25 April 2012, 6:39am
Comment by: reneabouquets

Good morning Courtney! Thank for the sugar sprinkles you left on my Vintage Post Card! I enjoyed seeing that you had dropped by! ~Renea

Posted on: Wednesday, 18 April 2012, 2:54am
Comment by: Escape Kitty

Courtney -Thanks for being such a sweet supporter in my gallery. I appreciate all the time you have spent making comments and sending love. Kitty

Posted on: Monday, 16 April 2012, 5:43am
Comment by: reneabouquets

Good morning Courtney! Thanks for visiting my gallery for reveal day! I so appreciate those hugs! ~Renea

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