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Posted on: Friday, 30 September 2016, 3:45pm
Comment by: MarciLB

Hi Donna! Received your ATC..and thanks so much -I have pics printed of my gsons going back to school -so perfect timing!!!!

Posted on: Wednesday, 23 September 2015, 8:41am
Comment by: BearFamily

Thanks for your comment on my school project page. The photo's I will get from school, they have all the schoolphoto's on the computer and will print them for me, just don't know what to do with some new kids, who haven't got any photo, was thinking of bringing my photoprinter to school, it's only about three or four kids that are new in these four groups. I don't think I will talk a lot about colors and shapes, scrapbooking is still your own imagination, do whatever you like. I only will bring my examples so they can see what are the possibilities. I my city there is no scrapbook store, so I cannot ask for page protectors, I guess they still have to put it in their backpacks, most of the kids go walking or on bike to school, hopefully they can bring it home safe :-)

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